When you are taking sanyasi mean you are renouncing the world. Family Sanyasa mean you are going to create beautiful world. So, life has a meaning. We all are life, simply you have not got a life, simply born are animals. They don’t have mind. They can do anything, they can go anywhere, they can sleep anywhere but we have a great mind. Mind can do anything in the world. Mind has created beautiful world. Mind has made beautiful world. Mind has made beautiful things in science, very luxurious life many kinds of fashion. Different- different kind food, different- different kind of love. This is so attractive, it is not easy to forget. How to make a relationship everybody don’t know perfectly. All has given a pain, all has given a suffering, all have given a frustration, we live in the stress because of that both side not happy, husband is not happy, wife is not happy nor children are happy but even though you are living in this world and you want to think why you want don’t want to do this all these things.  Why you want to be sanyasi? What is the karma of sanyasi? You have to think, you have to ask.


            As you take karma, karma means three dimension. Whatever you do, whatever you think most astral part go to sanskara, it create a memory in subconscious mind that bring you to born again. One part go present, whatever you are doing, eating that is called Bhoga. Third is Prarabdha tomorrow, after tomorrow which never comes. Tomorrow never comes but it is the hope, if tomorrow hope is not there we will die, make a suicide because of tomorrow we are living in this world, waiting something good happen that is commencing energy. So, we are sanyasi, you want to meditate. You want to pray, you want to be very close to the truth. Truth is everywhere, truth is within everywhere. Truth is god. It is already there. It is not created. Truth is happening whatever you are doing with the mind, work with the body this is not the truth that is your desire created, love created, that is friendship created that is relationship created. Truth have been covered. Truth has been covered, clouded by many things. You don’t see clouded by many things. Truth has to be discovered. So, you have to think yourself, you have come to experience truth to experience truth, realization, living with the Samadhi that is living with the God. Your love; your mother, your father, your children all the love goes to the God.  If you are a family member born as a love, born as a kindness, born as a sympathy, born as a compassion, born as a thanks, gratitude. So, whatever doing. If loving with children, god is happy, if you are expecting your body, thinking that body is god given gift. It must be pure. Then God comes to you. If your body is not pure, if your mind is not pure; try everything many life’s God will never come, like your children, if your children are dirty you never love them, you want to love children when they are clean. When their body clear is beautiful. Same thing we all are the children of God. He want us clean, pure. He want beautiful mind. So, is ready to hug you, he is ready to sit near with him. He is our karma. How to keep the body, how to use the mind, this is depend upon everyone. So, this is the sanyasi ascending whatever you have done in past, you have to forget.

Diksha comes as to open the door to sanyasi, it is the science of touching your inner most. Master awaken your energy to work on the pure path. As a sanyasi, you have to become very discipline because you become walking on pure road. You have to control many things of the mind. You have to feel that you are not a body, you have to feel that you are not a body, you have to feel that you are not the senses. These all are belonging given to you. As you have many things, you have cloth. In kitchen many pot, many glass, how to use it how to keep it how to clean it, you have learnt it and you are doing in your life. If these things not done then you are not experiencer of these things in life. Some time you must cook food by your hand, must sometime try to cook food, you must taste the food how tasty you cook. How many pain is there in cooking food. You must have an experience of that. How to use the plate, how to use the cup, you have to respect all the family, friend. You cannot give dirty things to anybody, same thing your body, mind, your intellectuality, you don’t live in confusion and you don’t live in doubt. Very first you have to believe that I am born as a human being that god live in me, he may living anywhere but that is not your god. That is universal god. The god who live within you that gives power because of that you can see, talk that god as you I am. As a self, as a being, as a consciousness, as a atma you are a god.

            You have taken sanyasa to make yourself great. Sanyasi can do anything but no attachment. Sanyasi has all good place to live in the world but make sure that you are not get attached to that. Otherwise your time will kill. If you are loving some body, liking somebody respecting somebody giving morality to some body. So, you are stop there, Time killing, all this bring the frustration, stress because you don’t get exchange of that, your love is being cheated. Your giving something to somebody is not coming to yourself. People, your friend will give a stress, pain so for sanyasi believing that everything is your karma. So, karma is always doing good for the world. How much good you are doing for the world move than that good you think for yourself because your karma is contacted with your mind, It is contacted with sub-conscious mind. It makes sanskare, prarabdha and Bhoga goes on giving next life, next life. If you love not to attach anythings. Then you are free from many bodies, when you take a sanyasi, science of giving sanyasa is very high class to wear a cloth different type that cloth color is the color of the fire. Fire means there is no receiving anything in different way. If you put anything in fire; living, nonliving, live, dead and good and dirty thing everything burn.

            Give message to yourself you are a sanyasi, you have to burn everything. Your prana is the fire, your apana is the fire. All five prana is the fire. Inside that all the prana is transferring all the energy within yourself. How to practice prana to purify yourself, to success yourself, to bring evolution in your mind, you practice pranayama, pranayama cannot reach to the truth. It cannot go to the discovering because energy make an energy walk, walk you go away from yourself. If you think, think, think then go to other people. If you pray some names then you go to that loka, what to do that is you should come back to your source. You have got everything, you, you have many thousand nervous systems. You have got most powerful five senses, senses are physical senses they have astral senses and they have senses of wisdoms. How you can go into yourself. Prana is practice for that. One way is to make oneness to prana and apana. This will give a long life to yourself because your prana will be short breathing, short breathing will give the long life. If you bring apana and put in the prana this is one type of the death  but only this method will take you the Samadhi and realization because it is the evolution of the whole bodies, don’t contact, don’t afraid for the life, don’t afraid for anything. Sanyasi karma is go beyond the fear. You have not come to create such type of karma in this world. You have come to become special for the souls. Everybody must see you are different, not like that because you are bearing special cloth you are doing special things so you have to respect yourself, pray for everybody. The wellness to the all, you have to give energy to the sun, you have to give energy to the moon, you have to give energy to all the planets. You have to respect all five elements. You’re thinking power, your imagination power, your imagination power, your visualization power it work through Gyan Shakti, Ichha Shakti and kriya Shakti so, as a sanyasi beyond the will, beyond the desire, beyond the science of any techniques you have to enter into the wisdom of love.

            Very first thing you have to believe I am the Brahma that living within my body, how to discover that one, I am the source of the light. I am source of all the prana. My mind cannot work without that energy. I cannot decide anything without that energy. My hand cannot move, my leg cannot walk. What is that big myself that is I am, that is the Brahma means supreme consciousness. I have to meet that, I have to discover that for that I have become sanyasi. I have not become sanyasi to suffer in this world, looking for the cloth, looking for food, looking for friend. Your body is not given for that. Once your body has gone through the sanyasi giving everything I have given my body also, so how to go beyond, how to go inner one inside yourself. Family sanyasi you have to practice.

            Mantra is the best way in this world but there are 1000 of mantras. It will confuse you becayse all the mantra has been created for your health, for your beauty, your success are loved by anybody. Your mantra created love to Rama, Jesus, Krishna, Mahavira, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Devi. All these are love, respect for them, if you love them you go that loka, Brahma has got his loka, Shiva has got his loka, Shiva has got his loka. Rama has got his Loka. You don’t go to your loka but what mantra you get in Diksha that is your, you don’t go anywhere. You fall love in yourself. Discovering and you say Yes  I am the Brahma, You are the self, you are the being, you are the atma, you are the consciousness, you are the source of everything through prana you can go but must know that prana is not given you to continue practice. Same thing mantra is not got given to attachment to mantra, you have to go beyond mantra, you have to go beyond pranayama, you have to go beyond the thinking power, you have to beyond the imagination power. You have to go beyond the will, you have to go beyond the trance even you have to cross the deep sleeping that is called Turiya that happen within your body, beyond the mind.

            There are samadhi with the mind, to make success with the world. Your body become very great, your body become very light. Arima, Larima, Garima these are the siddhi of the mind. So, you can think, you can do something good. You can burn many things, power comes within the mind. This is called sampragyat Samadhi. Sampragyat Samadhi means seed Samadhi, seed with the thought and seed with the Ananda(happiness) then you go beyond Asmita. I am that who that is the greatest ego within yourself. You have to cross all these things so, with prana you have to go beyond all these things chanting, chanting you can become silence. In your silence Samadhi happens. In your silence deep meditation happens that is called realization and enlightenment. It will give the ascending of all the body. You can cross the physical body, you can cross the emotional body, you can cross the astral body, you can cross the air body even though you can cross the akasha and one day you will dissolve in the god, become oneness to everyone. You feel I am everything in the world, no different between any atma, see in the animal you are, you see in the tree, you see everybody, I am there. So you cannot harm anybody, anybody cannot harm you. That is the karma of the sanyasi.

And family sanyasi you should never fight husband and wife. You have to surrender, you have to do your karma, husband has to do his karma both are going to live like Rishi. In old time Rishi was living not living in the house; small-small cottage and we say they are the creation; father of us because they have created us, they have created all the vedas, Upanisad, Gyana. You have to create beautiful children, give them good knowledge how to live in this world? This makes family sanyasa, living in austerity not to become ordinary. You can have everything but simply no attachment because you must learn and must believe that you cannot take anything this is the truth. May have good flat, good Bangla, may have a good car, good motorcycle, may be you are having 100 of cloths. This is for here, Body will not go with yourself. This five element go into the five element; you get alone but you are attracted to born because of your karma that is doing great karma. That is doing great karma attachment die, you don’t come in this word because you have your world to go. You go where you can live, meditate wherever you want to go that is your rishi karma and you have become family sanyasi, sanyasi must promise to yourself and there is a host to myself. I will not do any mistake now. I forget everybody, whoever anything has done wrong to yourself.  It means you should believe forgiveness. Second you should avoid anything many people can do, look bad way, otherwise will be judging, fighting, you will have conversation; then you can live good family sanyasi.

Is it necessary for sanyasi to bear orange cloth?

It is for you. If you bear white color it will bring peace, if you bear blue it is attraction of sky, radiation catch. We sanyasi our master (in India) we should bear all fire color as so many if you are sanyasi if bear that cloth you will get beautified. Nothing is necessary because you are not going to become sect. You are not going to become religion. You are looking for truth, you are going for discovering of truth. If anything good to go that way you should go don’t let that it must be done. If you imagine you go on thinking, thinking, thinking; what you can do good for yourself you have to do it.