Everything is an art, life is an Art, Yoga is an art. Art is a living for living, any thing is developed that is science of civilization. It is a culture, we are not here just to live, we have a meaning of life. Living is possible because Nature itself is a nature. Every acts of play in nature is a living and dieing. In between two dimentional life, meaning of life exists. Trees are dancing, Birds are dancing, Rivers, Oceans, Winds are dancing.

Life cannot be just an art to live, life cannot be just a game to play, life cannot be just an entertainment, everything in the universe is playing, singing , dancing , laughing, But there is no fullfillment – WHY ? – There is no fullfilment. Whether it exist or not why you want to repeat the game of same as it is a gift of the nature.

” Sankalpa Mayomah Purusha”
i:e Human being exists because of Sankalpa / Determination

” Sankalpa Moolah kamoha pa yagyha” “Sankalpa sambhava vrata, niyama, dharmascha” ” Sarve Sankalpa Smitaha ”
i:e the basis of our desires, wishes exists because of Sankalpa v The Yagnya exists because of Sankalpa v Fasting,vows,discipline,religion,duty are all because of Sankalpa
“Tanmaye Manaha Shiva Sankalpa Astu”
i:e Hence, O ! My Lord may my heart be an honest hub of Determination or Sankalpa

You all must remember this – as it is the most important thing in LIFE. If you start searching anything with a fixed idea, a fixed attitude, a determined attitude, you are bound to find it. The more you believe, the more you find out. The more your find it, the more you believe.

If you are pre-occupied by some ideas, then you are bound to create an illusion of your own idea in that nothingness. It is that nothingness which is capable of supporting any idea, any dream that you are carrying in you – which can be projected on the screen of nothingness. If you are searching Rama or Krishna , or Shiva or Vishnu, Prophet Mohammed or Lord Jesus, Buddha or Mahavira, you will find them. But it is not the truth. It is just your imagination. It will be just your projection.

Allow reality to reveal itself. Do not enforce anything upon it. And that is what Sankalpa/Determination does to you as you are able to and I also want you to approach and look into REALITY without any idea so that reality can reveal itself. You come to a state of consciousness where there is no question left. This state is the answer. There is no answer as such. This Consciousness without any question is the answer, because this consciousness is the most mysterious thing in the whole of the existence amongst all its mysteries. And this small seed of mystery which may seem nothing special at the moment, may bring thousands of flowers gradually. And with Sankalpa there is no problem – physical or mental- emotional or spiritual which cannot be solved or healed.