Bhakti or Devotion means one and the same. Devotion is love- a Love Affair . Devotion is not a pilgrimage. Not a journey to some known place. Devotion is love affair with existence. It is simply losing all the boundaries that divide you from existence i:e GOD

Bhakti or Devotion is a way of merging and melting into existence. Love is not a path, love is merger with individual. A deep intimacy of two hearts. Hearts are two but dancing in the same harmony. Love is between two individuals. Devotion is between one devotee and the whole existence – GOD. A Devotee dances in the wave of ocean like a tree in the sun.

Bhakti is a divine love on all levels of conciousness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bhakti makes us feel good , with bhakti you are with divine love. Bhakti is a foundation, it rises in the conciousness out of the chakra below the muladhara. It is a refined state of mind through meditation. If you find yourself unloving to other and unresponsible then you are far from realisation of the self within. Universal love is the pure state of love as a force of light flooding out from your center of being. “uplift conciousness and radiate life changing blessing” “you must be transformed from what you have been recognised different being” “go within yourself and all being will be unfolded to you on the inner planets of conciousness.” Meditation is natural one can sour within with easy – There are no barriers where love is concerned those who love each other can communicate easily.

Bhakti or Devotion is not a path but death of personality which is mortal in you. You drop of your own accord – only the immortal remains. Devotion is the highest form of Love. The quality of love which can be changed into devotion and then the person becomes window for you to take a jump into existence – GOD. And allow the existence to use you as a vehicle , as a ladder to reach to the highest possibilities hidden within you thereby make you get completely immersed in existence where no duality exists, what only remains is the complete oneness or “Adwaita”.