To experience Liberation, you ought to be free from Bondages. Bondage is the outcome of your mind. Mental bondage being more injurious than Physical. The most dreadful and ruinous bondage being – what we call and experience in our day to day life :


Ego paves way and becomes an axis of other negative thoughts – such as “Kama” or multidimentional desire “Krodha ” or anger, “Lobha” or greed, “Moha/Mada” or attachment / ignorance, “Matsara” or jealousy. Unless one is not liberated from these venomous bondages, one cannot have a peaceful living or even realise ones own self.

Remember “Mind is a conjurer” . It has the capability to create both illness and its cure. Create all kind of illusions , beauty and ugliness, success and failure, richness and poverty. Mind tirelessly keeps creating and once the idea settles in you , your whole life energy gets consumed in creating it to reality.

Every thought becomes a thing as every thing in the beginning was a thought and nothing else. And this has made you live a life in a kind of hypnosis.

I say, you have to liberate yourself from this hypnosis / bondage. This hypnosis has to be broken. You all have to be de-hypnotised and made aware that everything is the outcome of mind.

Be it pain and pleasure , birth and death – all are the product of mind. And once this has been seen absolutely, the conjurer disappears and then what is left is truth. And that truth liberates you. Leads you to LIBERATION.