Oneness to self – let self merge into the whole, merging means it is the libration. Try to get freedom from the body, freedom from the mind, freedom from the emotions, freedom from the false love and confusion, trying to make a union with the divine, with the existence. It is only possible going through physical body into astral body, astral body into cosmic body, cosmic into quantum and into whole ultimately into total. Soul into the God means self realisation then moksha which is called libration from the rounding of the birth and death. Moksha is the release from the cycle of birth and death.

Discovery of your own truth.
Divine identity.
I am the being within
I am the watcher,
I am the seed .

Discover the various areas of your inner and outer mind through carefully observing. Understanding is a small realisation and bigger will naturally come at the right time and in right way. “Live always like a divine gift”. Live in the divine way because you are gifted and always come back into the way of merging in the all. There is a light around you in which you can see. There is a light within you, inner light shining outside, shining inside within the body. In this world everything moves, live changes but eternal matter does not change. On the path of attainment there is transformation and there is a transcident, merging can be both way if sufficient karma is resolved, there are changes , self realisation is evolution which culminate in within, moksha released from worldly existence are transmigration to ultimate an eternal emancipation, life has its own way, journey to the worlds, the gate of the physical world is open in all direction and the life has its journey to root, there is only one door within or outer.

Have you ever realised that Nature’s most wonderful creation – that is we the “Human Beings are bestowed with not only a pair of eyes, but there lies within us the “Third Eye” or what is known as the Divine Eye. The two pair of eyes which we have outside our body are for the purpose of watching the day to day mundane affairs of the world. The way things are divided in this materialistic world into two segments so are our eyes, which do not meet at any point as we cannot join them to make them one on our face. The world outside is living a life of duality. Each and everything is divided into two. Let us take simple things like :-
Love & Hate – Day & Night – Success & Failure – Birth & Death – Male & Female – Friend & Foe -Hence the pair of eyes which we are blessed with and which are constantly looking outside can never see the truth of life can never see the “ ONENESS OF REALITY “

To see the “Oneness of Reality” we need one eye . And when both the eyes combine to be one – we are blessed with the Divine benison. When your feelings, your capabilities, your vision, gets introverted, you start exploring your own inner self in search of “ONENESS” the need of two eyes diminishes. Both the eyes internally ( not externally ) meet at one particular point and merge as one and start exploring you, your divine self. The place, the point where the vision, the energy, the feelings of both eyes combines and start seeking the presence of your divine self, exploring it with the Universe, that point, that junction is known as “ THE THIRD EYE” . With this Divine eye you can see yourself one with the Cosmos. One with this Eternity, One with everything around you.

Nothing but feeling of “ ONENESS ” emerges in you .