There past memory, wash up is not meditation?

No, who say wash up? Wash up means, your cloth washing can be finished.

Dirtiness dissolve?

Again it become dirty it has power to receive it. One you wash then why 100 time wash.

But meditation is the center cannot be?

Meditation is a one part of yoga mata. Why don’t you think? But in the yoga there is a purification, pratahara more than meditation pratahara is important.

What that not taking?

Cleaning, clean then you have meditation can success.

Cleanse means what? Only pure thing receive?

No, you can receive everything but this like you are receiving everything but there is science inside the body, it clean your when you eat a food, you are eating meat, beef many kind of meet there is. There is many grasses all goes and they become a juice then they become a blood all that clean blood system in body id clean then it become harmon then it become a support a life. The system is there’s. Nose it cannot take I am taking carbon, I am taking oxygen, both you are taking that how clean system is there. Small nose has a system how to put inside oxygen because too much take carbon immune can go.

Cleaning system is develop?


Pratyara is clean then bad thing is not receiving mean? Receive everything receive?

That is your mind be careful.

Careful, awareness? Carefully?


Everything receive but carefully awareness must develop? Meditation then it all time arising it means this?

Rising awareness is one type of meditation.

Sense cannot be clever just everything receive?

Sense can be develop they can be develop. The concentration, the meditation, contemplation can be developed with senses or mind.

Anyhow thought is not finished? That is strange for me?

Mata anything in the world it is park. That’s why they become past.
Remain? Remain

A bad karma good karma everything?

Nature is selecting form that these are your good karma, this is your past karma. Like you park a car

Ok this is language, the best thing who write they write chitt, you are not mind body, you are working by the activities of mind then how mind is already having this much memory it will come out. But if it does not it cannot grow you will just a baby, you cannot come out from stomach of a mother if sanskara is not here. A small egg become a body then foot become, then stomach become, then leg become, then brain become this is a process where you have a baby born the slowly, slowly one year two year, three year, four year, five year, 7,8,9, it is growing because sanskara is for, it is fire.

This world is mysterious world. This wonder full things what we cannot imagine, though our mind is very scientific, very great wisdom, it has created so many science, and it has created many way of civilization in the world. American civilization, Indian civilization.

Civilization mean become?

Develop to how to live in the worlds. Culture means all civilization means how to make a house, how to make a community, how to make a law, how to make a society, how to make a science, how to make a train, how to make a plane all these things has come because of the great science of the mind. Who is Jesus, who is Mohammad, Who is Rama, who is Krishna, who is Moses, These all are creation of mind.

Mind creation?

Yes, mind has created, mind has believe mind create.

So, we have a Bible, we have Kuran, we have Gita, we have Ramayana, like this way this faith in the God this all thing’s created by mind. To control the mind of the people, to attract the mind of the people to make people to live in better way. But the good has also bad has come, good has brought bad also and bad has brought good also. So, what is we now, we are born in so civilized world, so advanced word that everything is very easy. Living in comfort, living in luxury, driving comfort, driving luxuries, flying comfort, flying luxury, eating a good foods, artificial food means killing the animals for the food and try to create many vegetable. These all things become so easy now in this world. So, these has brought the poison of the life.

Easy, easy but poison?

Because we have polluted everything’s, earth is polluted, water is polluted and even Mata fire is disturbed, wind is disturbed, space is polluted, ocean is polluted, everything is polluted. Because we want to take over, that has created a problem that has created poisonous of life. To grow too much food, you have created too much fertilizers. To grow more food, they put some powder like in the field so, that make more tasty more beautiful more bigger, more grow, that is all those are poisons. The land has full of poisons.

So, what we have to do in this world that because we are living in the fear all the arms and weapons, atomic nuclear power. This has made like a America such a great country everybody sleeping in the bed of fear. What will happen, after 9-11 nobody is piece, same thing all over the world. Few country there is no terrorisms but all middle East country all Europe is in suffering, India Is suffering.

Which country has no terror?

May be small country but Japan also has fear from North Korea, all country are disturb by Korea .


Switzerland not country, they are part of Europe if Europe is problem every country is in problem they have to share it.

So, we are feel that mind is problem, mind is suffering, mind is good mind is bad, then you have to teach meditation. We are thinking that before us our ancestors like many Sadhus many Rishis many Pops many Priest have done so many good things. Everybody every country some one great mans were there so, we love them, we respect them and we carry their idea their thoughts, what they have done for the humanities. So, they try to save the humanity, they try to save, how to live better way in the worlds. Same thing you are doing, same thing I am doing, same thing many people are doing in the world.

Save the world?

Save the world, to bring the idea of many ancestors, whatever knowledge, whatever practical, whatever yoga, whatever exercise, whatever Bible, Kuran you got. It has come from our ancestors. So, we are trying to implement, trying to make thinking all, to the implement making people understand. This is the best life but now life is very fast like Japan, Japan is a country of faith they too much believe king before and they want to die for the king. So, Japan was very successful country in the world before 50 years because people want to sacrifice themselves for the country for the king. But after that America has broke all the faith country of Japan. They broke all the religion they destroy the Buddhist man, they divide the power. So, Japan have thousands of Buddhist country but for tourism, not for believe.

So, in that way, you have to say that see your ancestors, why don’t you look back, hoe they were successful country, a beautiful country in the world, though you are a Island but beautiful, best country, best successful, best technology, best science, best buildings, best train everything you had best. But you have lose you peace, you have lose your love, you have lose your faith, because somebody made confusion, anybody, some intelligencea made a confusion this is not truth. If you forgot to fight for your country, forgot to fight for realizations. Just you make beautiful way of living in this world but that cannot become a beautiful that become a suffering. Frustration, stress, your children are suicide. You have to say that, you given so much to your children they are full filled. They don’t want to work, they don’t want to have a car, they don’t want to have a motor bike, they don’t want to have they want to walk, they want to have cycle, why these all things? Why this mind has come? Why the working country, great working people, why don’t to work? So, because your energy is going to be introverse. No faith, whatever you are doing there is no faith. You have to bring faith in the country, in the people of Japan, in the people everybody.

Which believe say? Self?

Believe in your karma, your karma is important.

Karma mean changing yes, good karma create?

Believe mean good karma, doing good, loving, respecting, sacrificing your time, your money, your things to help other people so, you have to become.

Sacrifing what?

Sacrificing means you are giving.


Yes donation.


Yes Mate.

So, this is for whole world Mata.

Get good result?

Yes, not only your country Indian and Japan and America but whole world no happiness is there.

Indian believe in God, they happy Yes?

No happiness, there is no happy. Indian is a terrorist country, India was slave for many years. Indian truth was confused, disturbed, Indian history was changed. They changed the history they put new way, they write new way of history. So, everything they have to change. So, it take a time but it going to change.

So, most all human being we are to love, to save the humanities, to respect the humanities. That’s why you can because you want to bring peace in whole world. The individual soul and universal soul. The same way of coming so, we are inter connected that we are part of universal soul. Don’t say God but you can say that universe is everything’s in which we are living.

Unseen universe, seen Universe?

Yes both universe mean seen, unseen.

But they are life there is a life, there is power, there is an energy moving in that and because of that energy power we are moving, we are eating, we are watching, you are walking you are taking. So, let us make that everybody meditate, concentrate and become a watcher to become to develop come close to the truth. Because we all are lying, lying, life has become a lying. For nothing we are lying think that I am telling the truth but it is lie. So, you are sleeping on the bed of lying, walking on the road of lying. You are flying on the road of lying, you are eating on the floor, everything we are lying for survival false that life has become a false.

How to bring to the truth, some master required to teach, some god require to believe, if you believe in god, if you believe in master changes happen transformation happen so you need to have mater, you need to have believe in God. If you believe in master then you can believe in God. If believe in God then you can believe in masters.

Then transfer happen?

Yes transfer happen.

Purification we say?

Yes mata.

No need meditation?

Master comes with meditation, concentration, prayer.
Master is always there if God means you pray, God means love. God means to trust same thing master comes with the love, with the trust, with the faith, with the good teaching. Not harming any other people, not giving a pain to the any other people. We need a master in the life who can make you to walk on the perfect road, perfect way of talking, perfect way of living, perfect way of eating, perfect way of thinking, everything you have to make perfect. Your love should be perfect, otherwise you are dying for the stupid love.

Perfect mean correct to say, correct means not bad, not harm other?

Yes, then we need to concentrate, we need to meditate. What master say you have to believe it, you need to donate, you need to help the people. You need to take care of people, suffering people are there you have to help. It will change everything, world can be changed, world can be in world, piece.




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