An “ Invitation ”

Mahayogi Pilot Baba and Yog Mata both have been traveling in Japan, Europe, USA. They are always having great discovery about science of Kriya Yoga and Himalayan meditation. Himalayan meditation is a hidden treasure , which is unknown to the world.

Though various kinds of meditation and yoga has come to the world through many masters but real legendary hidden science of Himalayas has not traveled anywhere, not even in India. The science which is so much known by the names of concentration, meditation , image meditation, visualization meditation, Kriya Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Yoga as an “Art”, all have descended from Patanjali, Vashisht Yoga. But the science which is being carried by “Yogmata” and “Pilot Baba” is science of “Sanskar Yoga, Sankalpa Yoga and Samadhi Yoga”. It is all of the part of Anugraha Yoga, Kripa Yoga which has traveled from grace of God and grace of great masters of Himalayas. Through all this “ Anugraha Diksha” you can be enlightened. You can awaken your Kundalini. You can use your proper consciousness power and you can live as perfect human being in this world. Bring success in the society. This type of technique can help you for your multi dimensional achievements. You can be great businessman, industrialist, professional in any stream. Your will can be fulfilled what ever you want. Then you’ll be having mastering of yourself. These masters do not want you to give up your family, job but would want to share their experiences to let you succeed where ever you be. They only need 40 days of your life. It can be part by part . 7 days at a time or 10 days at a time. You can practice where ever you are to unveil your mysteries and collect all siddhi power to be successful in Society. These masters are not organization. They do not want you to become their believer or follower.  They want you to succeed and discover your inner power of making better world with better quality and perfection.  Your trust can be fulfilled , desire can be fulfilled, where all the past karma can be purified. New way of living can be planned.  Just one touch of these masters is enough for you to practice and go beyond.  They want you to connect to yourself.  They want fruit of your karma.  They do not want you to become a slave of any idea or thought.  As you know peace happens. These are your happiness, your truth, your peace is your subject.  You cannot buy , you cannot get it transferred from anybody.

You have to raise your consciousness. You have to find it within yourself.  All the
deities, all the incarnations and all greatness of your master is your inner divinity.  If you look into yourself and dive in yourself, if you make oneness of inner traveling. If you develop your awareness, you are the achiever.  You are the winner.  Don’t be fooled by some one’s ideas, thought and teaching.  You must discover yourself.  You are the beginning and you are the end. All the destiny is within yourself.  Do not go here and there. Come back to yourself.   You are the home.  Your body is the temple. Enter the temple of yourself.  Where you reside with your God.  You reside with all your success.    These masters say “Please come back to yourself.  Live with your physical, mental awareness, which is the vipasana of yourself.

Keeping awareness of your physical and mental self, you can go beyond.  You can develop your self awareness which is also known as “ Drasta Bhav ”.   “ Saakshi Bhav ” which means to be watcher, experiencer, witnesser.  Never try to become experiences, because it is your journey and it is your journey of complete aloneness.  Do not walk with anyone.  You cannot walk with your senses, your will, then how can you walk with your master.

You need a master as a bridge, as a milestone, You do not need master as your destiny, belief or a follower.  What ever you are doing so far in the world. What ever you have practiced so far in the world you have never got the result.  You are being utilized by your master, why do you want to become a slave and live together.    You are not free of your love, free of devotion.  You are not free of ego.  Masters are not free of their ego’s.  You need total liberation.  You need nothing more than yourself.  If you can stop. If you can watch, if you can become a witnessor , then coming into this world will become more valuable.  More important.  If you can stop and re-collect all your differences, communications, union. physical, mental and emotional with anybody. May be of worldly affairs and spiritual affairs.  If you can collect back and centralize yourself, then there is a possibility of your realization, your Samadhi.  There is no other way you can transfer shaktipat. Can develop affectionate energy.  All are waiting for you to become part of their organization.  You were not born to become someone’s slave to carry their thought and become developer or preacher of their organization.  That is why these Himalayan masters say stop it.  It is a strong appearance of coming back to yourself.  Some one inside is waiting for you since long long time.  Do you realize since how long you have gone away from your real home.  You do not know what to call it. Is it God, existence, supreme consciousness or is it “Bramha” or Universal mother ( Adi Shakti).  These masters have descended from there.  Since then they are waiting for you to come back.  They always think my children are lost and are confused, exploited by great priests, masters and leaders.  The liberation of my children is confined in the outer activities.

There is no chance, you become another energy.

No chance to come back to your home or enter your realization or meet your origin mother by any activities of the outer world.  ( Baha Vritiyan ).  These all are to attract you, impress you.  These stories are only narration of someone who is devoted to someone.

Truth is not invented and cannot be invented. It is only discovery which can only be experienced.  No one can make you experience.  Because it becomes others experience.  It must be your journey.  It must be your enlightenment.  It must be your realization.  If not  then one is lost in this world.  To go to infinity you need hundreds of life.  It never ends.  It happens in all your lives.  You have been traveling millions of years, suffering, cultivating, always creating for another life.  Because your karma is never free.  You are becoming slave of other power believer.  Either spiritual, economical, political power.  Thus both these masters say stop where ever your are going.  You do not need any union co-operation , co-ordination.  You are mini universe.  Your birth is cause of entertainment.  The union of father and mother.  You are born for their pleasure.  In the union you can create another energy

In oneness you can become ocean but there is no chance of becoming yourself.  Your identity is yourself. Your destiny is yourself.  Your truth is Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.  Your beauty is yourself.  You are Shiva, You are the truth. You are the Satya.  These all are within yourself.  If you are not collecting from yourself, then you are not going to get anywhere.  This has to be unveiled, uncovered, unfolded within yourself.  Through the Sanskar Diksha, Samadhi Diksha you are free from all past memories.  Your reso-will is enlightened, is developed.  Then  your Samadhi is bound to come.  In the Samadhi as you know that if you are in the Samadhi of mind, your body and mind, worldly success is all under your control.  Riddhi and Siddhi is bound to come to you.  No one can stop you to become good successful person in the world.  Nothing can stop you to enjoy , celebrate the affairs of the world with all perfection and understanding.  The belonging of yourself,

As you can understand everything in this world is just a belonging, it cannot be you neither it can be part of you.  Because you are not an atom.  You are not going to come in any gravitation, any impression.  It is all your Yog nidra which brought world closer to you. Through Sankalpa yoga if some master could take it all the polluted atoms , he could raise way of your consciousness, then  your journey of life is applicable to get you realized.  There is no other way to be in Samadhi.  If you are not going to stop your journey of life towards anywhere to yourself, you have to come back. Stop and come back.  You have to start journey of yourself. You need anugraha (Grace). You need Kripa.   These two are the greatest gifts of the Himalayan Masters. You all are welcome. If you have integrity.  Do not come with ego, suffering mind and body. Do not bring any idea, thoughts, philosophies.  If you feel that you are yourself and you are not man of mythological thoughts, not a man of any ones believing, nor teaching some one else ideas and thoughts, then you are welcome with your liberated mind and consciousness.  Then your door of divinity and your door of heaven and your door of all the higher Universe is open within yourself.  You do not need go anywhere, travel anywhere.  Just you are.  You are the greatest universe.  You have your greatest origin.  You have to get it from your origin and greatness or your universe.  Their blessings and grace of godliness. The grace of master is waiting and the greatest thing in the world is your originator is waiting so eagerly from within yourself.  You are his children , you are always welcome to come back.  Come back with awareness, alertness. Do not come back in Sushupti, Yognidra, love and divineness of somebody. Do not try to bring some one in any affairs. Either worldly or spiritual.  Just you are welcome.  Only you are . It is your complete aloneness journey. If you feel alone then you are most welcome.