Hindu Mythology or the Upanishads ” The Brihadarnayak Upanishad” says that the Lord Prajapti or Bramha – the creator of the Universe, during the creation of the Universe created three kinds of beings ( Or the three kinds of consciousness ) namely :


and advised them by one letter “Da” . The Gods understood by this letter that they should practice _ “Dama” or self control; the demons understood that they should practice – “Daya” or compassion. And human beings thought that they should practice – “Dana” or charity or service or seva. Which meant that if one wants to give donation, one should give with faith, with magnanimity, with modesty with awe and with sympathy and which would remove their attachment to money and thus purify their minds.

The service or seva has turned into many dimensions. Seva itself has turned into Donation , which is known as “Parmarth Seva / Kar Seva”. However through seva or service you can reach to the heart of the people, trust of the people. By offering your services , you can transform yourself into a self sufficient being a practical being. You can bring smile on many weary and gloomy faces. You will be more closer to yourself. Though in olden days under the garb of service people were used as slaves. But here certainly and certainly not does it mean that.

Seva though has no meaning for the realisation, for enlightenment. To realise, one has to go beyond attachment on the name of divine.

However , It is one such objective , on such aim to bring people from all walks of life under one roof, one platform to make them realise that they are all born as Human Beings despite their way of life and to let that feeling be alive even in this materialistic world one should get into the habit of Service / Seva or donation and relive the faith of being born as a “Human Beings.”