Now we have come here to bring this knowledge to you.

Those who are interested, those who feel and want to reach to your destination, having decided your destination, what is purpose of life. Have you decided, do you know? I think you have not because you have not developed the awareness of your being yourself, you don’t think that you are an atman i.e. soul, you are a Brahma, you are a being, and you are a self. Only you are thinking about your personalities your egos and being in this world with full of physical entertainment and worldly achievements, that’s why so far you are not satisfied and you can’t satisfy yourself the way you are living in this world.

Nothing belongs to you, it is just a world of your karma, and you are also a world of your karma. You have to leave everything back when you will disappear from this world that’s why suffering is there because fear of death is always in front of you. That’s why you had started going to the church, temple or mosque, even though you couldn’t understand what you are, because they are teaching religion that religion is a living with the moral commandment, they can’t teach self realization because they do not have that. They are not perfect prophets, they are just priests.

That’s why you have changed yourself to look into the deepest which can make you beneficiary of developing awareness of body and mind. Now you are caught in the grief of modern religion. Yoga has become religion of body and mind, where yoga was really samadhi, yoga is a science but you have taken yoga as exercise, yoga has eight limbs, yoga has destiny, yoga was practiced for opening of the inner mechanism, yoga was practiced for the healthy body and mind for developing the awareness. Yoga was discovered for the human higher achievements, yoga was used to open the gateway of heart which is the root of all creations that is called love, kindness, compassion and peace (silence) whereas we have taken yoga as science of excitement and entertainment.

So I want to say that stop yourself misusing the greatest science which can unveil the mystery of your inner mechanisms, it can open all those gateways of yourself to reach to the higher consciousness, it is the total science of self discovery, which is known as science of self realization. From that self has a root to the Brahma.

As you know me that I have traveled to the self and Brahma. I have enjoyed the truth, I have been living with satchit ananda with all of my times, “I came out from the Himalayas to become a bridge to yourself”, because I have seen in the Himalayas the greatest of the great realized masters in numbers, I have lived with them. When I saw them they are just realized masters of there own, they don’t want to become god and neither they have declared themselves as god master. But I have seen in this world there are so many masters, they have declared themselves as incarnations, and great exploitation is going on. I am not worried about all this, I just want to remind you because it is your duty to tell yourself that no one can be your destiny, your destiny is you only. No master in this world in the past had asked the people that they are the destiny or they are the incarnation, they have always introduced themselves as a bridge. Nobody has asked themselves to be practiced as god, destiny. Everyone has opened their door to go through to everyone’s destiny. But now you have become confused with so much philosophical and scientific logical things have come which has created confusion.

– Don’t you realize that you have been exploited?
– Don’t you feel that you have been used?

Belief cannot take you to the truth because it put you in to the darkness of ignorance but trust and experiment will take you to the self-realization, which is the door to the supreme power, supreme consciousness.

I invite all those masters please open themselves to the whole humanity from creating the mischief of Gurudom, don’t confuse people, don’t mislead the society and don’t exploit the people for own personal use. You are a man, how you can be god, you can be realized one but when once you become the realized one, you can realize truth. When you become a god you have lost yourself as a human being, so I have come, I don’t want to be a god, I don’t want to be your master but I want to be a bridge.

If you have time, because you don’t have time as you are so much busy, your life is not your life, either you have donated to someone to whom you believe, so your freedom is lost no more you are free, belief cannot have discovery and invention, belief cannot have experiences and cannot be experimented, because belief is not a science, belief is a belief which is called surrender and surrendering is also not a science, it is a religion so your all the gateway of self and supremes are closed. If you think that you are so intellectual you can think, observe and find out because you have been fooled, you can’t practice whole life and you cant be doing the same things whole life because the spiritual leaders have become your destiny not a bridge not a milestone to reach your destiny.

I have a place for you because my heart is not a master, my mind is not a guru. I don’t want to be your destiny, I don’t want to be your priest and don’t want to be worshipped by you because I am a nature, I am an ocean, I have become an ocean, I was descended from super consciousness to the space, and I have traveled from the space to the airy body, firy body, watery and earthly body respectively, and myself has ascended from earth to nothingness because I have enjoyed the life of becoming an earth, becoming a river, becoming the fire, air and sky. Also all these nature elements have all the memory of your millions and millions of your memory of life and all other activities that had happened on this life, not asking anything but they are giving everything. If they are open to you, you are realized but not these masters who have become great scholars, philosophers and devotional mind, they are trying to wash your all the intellectuality and they want to keep you in their feet.

I want to say “wake up and look to yourself and look into yourself and walk on the pilgrimage of you and yourself”. There is inner mechanism, which is known as anthakaran, if you go on dropping each and everyone in the series, you will reach to your quantum. So I want your time, if you trust in yourself, but must be with adventurous mind, must be with your destiny and must be with yourself open. We are open to handover your liberation your freedom which is called Samadhi. To anyone whoever, whatever they are practicing or not, if you have a beautiful heart, we will help you to open to the ocean of samadhies and if you have experience of practicing concentration, meditation and devotion, you are welcome, but you must come with your freedom, don’t carry anything and any memory of your any masters, any gurus, any logical and philosophical. JUST COME yourself, total freedom, dropping everything, you will get everything but in other way, you cannot be a looser because you become ocean. I am open for you to come I invite you for samadhi.

Life is already an art, nature is already an art, and nature has created a beauty of art of living. No human being can create so far you don’t need to be an artificial art to live in this world, meditation is samadhi which is called life, religion is realization which is called life. You are all living with the art but now what you have to practice is liberation from all this. Liberate yourself from the art of livings, which has created attraction, a bandhan (bond), slavery and guilt of mind. You have traveled till now, it was art of your living and act of your mind; you don’t need any more. Just liberate that will take you to the self. You need mind, you need budhi, you need ahm and you need your consciousness, but you don’t need their activities and dimensions, so you have to travel back to the source of yourself, you have to merge, the river has to flow back to origin, where origin is samadhi, realization, sakshatkar, no one can give you, you have to walk yourself, someone is there as a bridge, that can be your master, the master will not be your destiny, you will be your destiny.

I welcome you looking forward for your liberation. I want to see you on the bank of your origin.

Nothing but feeling of “ ONENESS ” emerges in you .