Pilot Baba’s emphasis on Samadhi’s has been leading many ardent seekers of Self Realisation to come to him and learn the art of Meditation Though Baba says Meditation also happens, but just for the initial course, he propagates meditation world over, he teaches the meditation to many who come to him or even who do not, through various Yagnyas which are performed at various places in India and abroad . Yagnya becomes a means to get the environment healthy and create a serene atmosphere to teach people, how to get enchanted by meditation and be benefited by, it.

PILOT BABA has taken many underground samadhis, samadhi in air tight glass, samadhi in water. Each having a significance of its own. Each samadhi has been for different number of days.

To name a few He has taken underground samadhi at
1. Agra for 7 days.
2. Devidhura for 15 days.
3. Ice cave of Himalayas for 33 days.

There are many other samadhis which he has undertaken and none of them has been less than five days.

While undertaking each samadhi, he gets a pit made of particular dimensions i.e. For preparation of underground Smadhi the various ratios for preparing a pit are taken into consideration.

9ft x 9ft x 9ft = which stands for unbreakable, infinite.
7ft x 7ft x 7ft = which stands for contact with Jupiter divine and compassionate energy
5ft X 5ft X 5ft =for Contact with Venus planet and moon, making the whole Humanity to come into one Heart.

The underground samadhi depicts the earth energy. We have emerged from earth, so the underground samadhi is taken to be in contact with the whole existence through each atom of ourselves. One cannot reach to different planets physically, but by being in Samadhi, through your subtle body you can.


Water is life. Source of living. Body is your identification, your personality. Water is not personality but it is life. It gives life. To sit in water means you are coming to the whole existence because water is life and once you become life then you are in touch with all the other lives.

The dimension of the pit or the tank in which the water is filled for JALSAMADHI is normally
11 ft X 11 ft X 1I ft = Which means it has the effect of the Moon. It is like ocean with the venus contact.

In this though the body does not float in water but to avoid any mishap the rope is tied to the body does not come out from water, while in Jalsamadhi the body is like a stone in water. Water is poured in the tank after one hour of Samadhi in the tank and later covered by steel plate and later closed with the clay.


Pilot Babaji had taken samadji in Airtight glass in Mavlankar hall at New Delhi and at many other places.
Babaji says Air or the sky is the breath or the prana. While in Airtight glass samadhi one becomes a Prana, then the sky is not there, you are one with everything, part and particle of this whole existence. Nothing is away from you This is what is called Samadhi and is being demonstrated to be one with the whole. However the main aim, the object, the motive behind demonstrating these three kinds of Samadhis is to bring PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY in the mankind as a whole.