The brother every member is after no relation there, what relation only somebody die, parent die otherwise fighting, how to handle to respect god or if pray god then harmonize. Japan is too much no like I don’t go more from your grace?

Simple way Mata we have to remember that, we have not come here to live permanent this education require, everybody education require you have to come to full fill our karma and desires. So, you should not live in the anger, you should not live in the jealously, we are no here living jealousy, anger because we have to go. They say people have a fear of death I will go but they don’t care, they fight, the human being very clever. Like animal has not given a mind. So, they are not boarder, just they can die anywhere in the forest, on the mountain, in the river anywhere they can die. Some animal can kill them because they don’t know they are ignorant but human beings are not ignorance. Human being has given a buddhi thinking power, decide power.

So, the great people our ancestor who were great they say if you live in the anger fighting, jealous, your life will be suffering pain, burning. So, better to live with the peace, respect and have a fear that you will die one day and everything will remain here. Everybody is in, whole universe is your brother. Don’t make a different nothing is belong to you. The land not belong to you. You don’t know who was living before, how many people has lived and gone used that land but land is there, same way house your father, grandfather.


No, if you are fighting, fighting is mind creation it is mind. If you have no ego that it is mind then you will not fight. It belongs to the, so far you are living it is yours but after that it belongs to somebody. So, you have to care about that ones. So, there is teaching respect everyone, love everyone, guide to the others.

That you said that saint they said?

No, great way, our ancestor they are saint, they are rishi.

You said from universe came like that people, highest thinking people, lower thinking people, how higher thinking people appear.
This is the, because somebody born with the satwa so, they think love, respect, kindness. Rajas people they think that this is me, this is me, this is me. Tamas people think everything belongs to me, I want to take over, I want to take over. So, this guna is there which is guna is high that personality is made.

So, from being to higher, space came?

No, this thing, nobody came from anywhere somewhere you know that.

Automatically appear?

They are born everybody us born.

Yes, sanskara begin?

Begin born like this, Brahma said from the mouth, you are get birth. They create a lake also, they say Mansarovar it was the mind of Brahma, like this manu, shraddha, all these are born from the mind of the Brahma.

So, before people or after that become dirty?

No, there are every time people pure but now society is more polluted, more disturbed.

Before people pure?

People were ignorance, before people fighting only for the food.

Satam people they are?

Yes, they are always there. But now mind is saitan.

Most tricky so, that mind purification this meditation necessary?

Yes, meditation.

The ashram the small- small piece you have to right
-Be kind, you are not permanent here.
Then another piece of paper,
– Respect everyone because you are the children of one.
– Love everyone because you are born together through the love.
– Nothing belongs to you, everything use and leave here.

Nothing belongs to you, earth is not you, this house is not you, this pen is, book is, computer is not you, it is just use because you are not going to live here permanent. Some place is waiting for you.
-You are come from somewhere and you have to go back, you have to find out from where you come it.
-This is not your true home so you have to find out where is your true home. So, for that
Meditate for that. Concentrate and meditate two words.

Believe, pray?

That come afterwards, concentration, meditation that carry, prayer carry, arati everything doing because of concentration meditation. So, these few thing everybody must know I am going to die. Live friendly, live brotherly, brotherhood, friend hood that make you are a soul, you are being, you are a self, everybody is a self, everybody is being, everybody is soul so there is no difference that like see the water does not make different. See the fire does not makes different. The earth does not make different. The sky does not make difference, the air does not make difference. They are equal to everybody, they are not looking who is poor, who is reach, who is beautiful, who is dirty, who is black, who is out red, who is white, they are not looking. Everywhere water is doing their duty, wind is doing their duty, sky is doing their duty without any differences, without any anger, without any different feeling so, you have to become nature powers.

Just brotherhood?

Brotherhood friendly, everybody equal atma kindness is necessary, sympathy is necessary, kind word is writing, love word writing this is enough.

Kind and love?

Yes, more other way it is called in English sympathy, gratitude’s this more kind is ok but you can write sympathetical action. Kind and love two thing is very important. Everywhere somebody, somebody trying so, you can try your people. I can try my people like this. You try your family, your nearby neighbor. Yes, if you love help comes, if you respect help comes.

If you go to the society hose, if you go the public government house in hindi written n;k djksa as(daya karo) means Be kind. Like {kek djksa mean forgiveness. Respect everybody in hindi vknkj djk as(Adhar karo). It is not your home ;g vki dk ?kj uS gs (Aap ka ghar nai ha) mean it is not your home, you have come from some home. That home is the God. Love the god, have attachement to god, respect to the god.

This is not your home?

Yes, you have to go back.

Death is waiting strong word e`Rrq bUrtkj dj jgs gSa (mrittu entajar kar raha hai) mean every minute, every second death is waiting so, do good, always try to do good if do good you will go to the heave. If you do bad you go the hell it is all written.

Do good means kind ness?

Yes these are the good things. Kind is good sahanubuti, sympathy is good, respect is good, love is good.

Do sewa like this not writtem?

Written sewa karo.

And donate not written?

These are general things to helping your people it is ok.

Helping is a donation, mostly temple is helping people god temple not other house?

No, marriage time they go everybody, some part time they go everybody help, some making time people go help. In the mountain that Khati area Pindari area people they if you are making your house whole village will become together they will carry stone from far away. They will not carry everybody help to make your house then everybody help to make my house like that the house is make it everybody help.

Now also.
Now is the constructing there?

Nobody is here, money civilization people don’t have time. People can make money like that labor they are doing if there is no money so, they help each other to make a house.

So this society making good now too much civilization, who is next door not understanding, how to do it better?

Truth is Mata anytime truth, die is truth.

Make a society?

Make a society, few days you are living here, few years living here make a good living for that if you can help people that is your good karma if you can give food to the people that is your good karma. If you can give cloth to the suffering people that is your good karma.
This memorize that I have done something great. Suppose in Khumaba Mella many people don’t have food but they have left their home, they have come there, they are looking for shelters for sleep they can sleep on the road side some corner but food I gave on your name food because it is your money so I make ok feed you food is free.

Many how for suffering people make all right this is my help ok?

Here suffering people is intellectual people do you know that whole people. You don’t
have these problem but we have this problem in India, in south Ameriaca these proble are there America, in Nepal.
What no food?
No food, no house.

Nepal don’t have may be somewhere?

We have a leprosy problem like thousands of people are leprosy.

Somewhere in Japan hiding?

We also government make a house.
Medicine work yes? Still
But where they go become, home people don’t allow, they cannot go to home.
If find out they have to leave the home there is a center we have made center like Haridwar.

I went Okinawa they have that area and there are like this place no place.
Yes, no finger no listen.

What this bacteria, generation?

Karma that, it is a fruit of karma.

Too much negative karma?

Doing bad, bad so punishment comes, you cannot do anything’s

That’s type of nature is no good person?

Of course, no this life they are good, this life they cannot think they cannot do anything bad so, they are forced to do think good things, help each other, live out of the society this is karma.

Past life something wrong?

We don’t know which life, many life bad.

They agree?

They don’t know.

Why become disease they know? Nobody teach?

No, nobody.

You think?

We are thinking.

Too much leprosy, Shivananda ashram they have like that pray something?

Yes, Shivananda other place helping there, they have society trust, people are made a trust to help.

India still this diease?

Too much. You, go Haridwar across the river we had.

People, people catch? Or don’t like to together?

No, there is no hand, no finger.

That is long time appear long time require?

Yes, takes time to appear. Slowly, slowly appear but they fall down slowly, slowly they fall down become.

Become that fight is different disease?

That they can live in the home they can marry.

Leprosy so much?

Leprosy is too much.

I don’t see in Japan never here?

I have not seen but India we can see every time
Where? In road see, I never see. They are walking begging, what you talking. Haridwar we bring sometime in a year 1time, 2 time we bring invite everybody cook a good food and give.

Government still not take care about
No, no government is giving medicine. Society, we do Mata, we are doing.

Somebody in open society we are helping like this, cross the Ganga there is too many people. But when khumba mela gone they are removes they are send behind forest.

Here also there America?

Homeless people are there.


How can I say Mata, we have seen in India thousand, thousand of people.
This is not dangerous.

Like that they helping kindness?

Every spiritual people

I wrote karma purification, karma law with that too much bad karma people coming I think?

If they become good they coming to become good ok.
Because that now that is which here is in Japan some living place very same place, they are against the society if they come expensive they bad against Yogmata now/
No, if they are working nothing expensive. If they are working then there determine not everybody these things are not.

My saying like expensive, writing how to say?

Don’t care, you have many thing not to care. Strong require, anything society running strong require everybody get complain. If moral society they get complain, if religion people they complain you. It is no caring require.

No caring but kind require?

No care then you are success, if you care then people go against too much.




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