The brother every member is after no relation there, what relation only somebody die, parent die otherwise fighting, how to handle to respect god or if pray god then harmonize. Japan is too much no like I don’t go more from your grace?

Simple way we have to remember that, we have not come here to live permanent this education require, everybody education require you have to come to full fill our karma and desires. So, you should not live in the anger, you should not live in the jealously, we are no here living jealousy, anger because we have to go. They say people have a fear of death I will go but they don’t care, they fight, the human being very clever. Like animal has not given a mind. So, they are not boarder, just they can die anywhere in the forest, on the mountain, in the river anywhere they can die. Some animal can kill them because they don’t know they are ignorant but human beings are not ignorance. Human being has given a buddhi thinking power, decide power.

So, the great people our ancestor who were great they say if you live in the anger fighting, jealous, your life will be suffering pain, burning. So, better to live with the peace, respect and have a fear that you will die one day and everything will remain here. Everybody is in, whole universe is your brother. Don’t make a different nothing is belong to you. The land not belong to you. You don’t know who was living before, how many people has lived and gone used that land but land is there, same way house your father, grandfather.

No, if you are fighting, fighting is mind creation it is mind. If you have no ego that it is mind then you will not fight. It belongs to the, so far you are living it is yours but after that it belongs to somebody. So, you have to care about that ones. So, there is teaching respect everyone, love everyone, guide to the others.

Somebody born with the satwa so, they think love, respect, kindness. Rajas people they think that this is me, this is me, this is me. Tamas people think everything belongs to me, I want to take over, I want to take over. So, this guna is there which is guna is high that personality is made.

That come afterwards, concentration, meditation that carry, prayer carry, arati everything doing because of concentration meditation. So, these few thing everybody must know I am going to die. Live friendly, live brotherly, brotherhood, friend hood that make you are a soul, you are being, you are a self, everybody is a self, everybody is being, everybody is soul so there is no difference that like see the water does not make different. See the fire does not makes different. The earth does not make different. The sky does not make difference, the air does not make difference. They are equal to everybody, they are not looking who is poor, who is reach, who is beautiful, who is dirty, who is black, who is out red, who is white, they are not looking. Everywhere water is doing their duty, wind is doing their duty, sky is doing their duty without any differences, without any anger.