Everything is a sanskara. What we have done in the past, past in many, many life and what you have done in past this life. That create a good luck bad luck. Good karma, bad karma. So,

Everything past life mean, what mean this?

you are born because of past life.

That is brain quality or body quality, nature quality, nature satwwa more, rajas more, tamas like that? Quality is from past life, clever or not clever, positive nature?

Everything you, Yes, past life and this life. This life father and mother blood.

Father and mother blood, not own blood, own karma is not there?

We have blood that is come from father and mother, but we have only mind which is coming from the past, sub conscious mind, that sub conscious mind what is our past? It is there.

That called sanskara also?

Yes, that is called sanskara

Past sub conscious memory? That is astral body carrying?

Yes, yes

The past that is own karma that is on the seed they have?

That has selected the mother and father also.
Father and mother seed together, one father egg and I don’t know this together, How makes that and all memory how is combination, How combine?
There is because this life come when you are not rise there is no mind.

Not born, no mind?

Yes, only sub conscious mind force you to born good place, bad place reach place, poor place so, that make you to select born work.

Sanskara, mother father selecting?

Yes, after that when mother and father is taking care slowly, slowly mind come in the world.

Mother and father is a which combination?


There sub conscious mind is own sub conscious mind, the father mother is a blood, physical blood.
Yes, everything your meat and all mother come from father and mother. This body is because of father and mother.

Body is father, mind is an own?

Yes mind is your, mind is yours, individual soul you are that is you but physical body you got by the help of mother and father.

Oh, the combination
Yes, that grow. Egg has a seed, that seed is everything. A small, very small seed with that is called bacteria, in that has this memory how tall you are? How big you are? How fat you are?

Then, body is father and mother gift to the
Flush whole body system, only in mind and self you. As a consciousness you are only you that is travelling that is asking to create a body to live that from sub consciousness mind has come, prakriti and purusha so, prakriti and purusha because of that buddhi has come, mahat has come.
So, it all the process of coming in the world. That process is there in the memory.

So, that luck?


Somebody happy, happy nature?

No, they come what kind of father, what kind of place that all selected what you have done in the past. Rich or poor, intellectual or not intellectuals.


Already buddhi is there.

Then any hard work does?

New life you are developed.

After born?

Yes, you are developed, what is society, you are developed. If you are born in country side, you cannot develop but many people develop with the get of good society.

City life?

City life is competition life. So, more develop.

More develop, people become clever?


So that, their luck chance is more, creative chance?

Yes, that is called luck, good luck, bad luck.

How, just good karma?

I got a good father that is good luck, I got bad father this come from.

Then after master forgot it then work hard?

That is necessary to survive. Then cannot

Own create like good luck?

Yes, that can be possible. Many people do work then they do their business own work.

Untouchable people too much success India?

Yes, too much now today.

Changing the world?

No, changing the world, society changing. They are more polluted so, because of more population now become a democracy when vote so, they can change everything, any thing change.

Democracy can change, before no change?

If king control, king is a power.

Now people want to give hope, good luck is a good activity good thought?

That is already decided.
Karma can change karma.

Good thought, good activity?

Yes, If dirty river flow in the ocean they become clean. If clean river go in the ocean become dirty. This is because society, world is a society. World is an ocean.

Good Ocean, looking for good water?

Not looking it is natural you have to flow to the ocean not looking for. All the water flow towards the ocean. That is natural same life float towards as per the karma, life make a memory, collect the memory of death everything is there.

Have good mummy, papa that is beautiful

But if don’t have people with many?

Then you can change, you can try, if you want, if your buddhi is ok, then you can change. Anything you can change.

Meditation say?


Thinking, thought change?

Yes, buddhi can change.




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