Time is always valuable, important. The whole world is going through a phase, that each person must help itself. Must protect itself. One must understand that instead of creating problems for the world, one must become self-disciplined and offer its prayers or worship or whatever method of puja one is doing must do at home. So under these circumstances, it becomes essential for all of us to be helping hand. More so it is the time to understand our own growth. How much we have gained and absorbed through revered Gurudeva’s guidance.

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji thus directs everyone to celebrate Guru Purnima, at their own homes. No need to make any gatherings. Babaji is not celebrating Guru Purnima this year in any of the Ashrams. The date on which it is falling is 5th July,2020 (Sunday).

His message which he conveyed in one of his letters way back in the year 1996, seems to be so appropriate now.

It is not question of being in my presence, where ever you are the way is – if you are meditative you are in my presence.

So make this Guru Purnima very special by staying at your homes and worshiping there. Connect to the Guru Energy by being at home and see the transformation within you.

5th July also witnesses Lunar Eclipse, so the guidance from revered Gurudeva is to do lot of mantra japa during the eclipse time. Do not travel during that time.

Mahayogi Pilot Babaji sends his blessings and good wishes to all.