Om Namo Narayana,

The crisis , what ever form it may have taken, brings out the best in the human beings. Provided we are open and willing to learn.

The ongoing Pandemic COVID-19 is challenge for human race and every one, each country is putting in their best. Perhaps mother Nature giving us a time and pause to re-groom ourselves and dive within.

Its an opportunity to rejuvenate at all levels. Being home, connected to what we missed out and many more.

However, there are Saints and sages, who are always on move, be it in silence or through their actions to help the humanity..

Its indeed a moment of immense honour and pride for us that our revered Yogmata Keiko Aikawa and revered Mahayogi Pilot Babaji have donated JPY 20,000,000 ( Two crore Japanese Yen) in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relief to counter the COVID -19 pandemic.

What ever be the capacity of donation, the important is that their prayers for the nation and the world , help  normal people to boost up their self confidence during these testing times.

A time for each one of us to send silent prayers to the universe and feel blessed.