Real means many way mata. The five element is a yoga. You are born because of yoga, are growing because of yoga. Yoga is a nature. Yoga comes through the natural science to create this world. Yoga has made this union through the word. Yoga has made us because of union. Now whatever you are doing your thought, master thought together planning to help people. Your thought and disciple thought you are planning to this is yoga. So, by asking somebody to do a computer is a yoga is a union, if finger don’t move computer cannot do any things. If mind doesn’t move make union with computer union with thinking cannot move. Yoga is a practical experience in the life. Every movement, every seconds, this become a nature. So, we say yoga is a Samadhi. Yoga is the success in the life. It give you concentration, contemplation this all is yoga. You cannot avoid it but you don’t like yoga that is main thing.


Then dividing?

One way.

One way with target, the dividing awareness?

You are working with the target making a union. When you are to with the job, your time is lost only the target remain or target  lost you are remain these thing happen.

How different this is?

If it is target is higher then you have to dissolve if target is small so, that you become you, I am that.

Yes, belonging everything finish?

No, never finish transfer belonging thing are transfer.

Many short transfer?

Yes, many remain is physical thing can be transfer.

Transfer mean dissolving mean? Something destroying many other thought?


Attachment that is transferring what?

Changing, matter can.

Destroy become no meaning?

Change, matter can be changed to get another form, one matter it is change mata. When change become a water mata, water then change became a Cray.

That remain thought is how change? Become nothingness, nothing ness to change.
That is natural very high things that is last.

Attachment thought?

Attachment is small thing raga.

But that is how changing?

Can change, separate, if you not change time will change. It is say that if you have a force, you have a creative power if you  have intellectual mind then you can change it. If this thing not there then one day you are changed naturally, nature will force to change.

If intellectual this is not me like that thinking that changing me?


That which rest one that thought go origin or just in space that or finish, space is remain?

No. It is man with your sub conscious mind.

Remain? Remain but some day come if
Yes, of course remain it comes you are pushing back.

Totally must finish, No?

Not possible.

Why? You say?

You cannot walk.
Your life is finish I told you.

No, no small that remain, this must finish?
No, your law mata, nature has own law, not your law.

But I don’t remember?
Forgot that who care, there are multi million people in the world, world don’t care who is dying, who is getting this universe  don’t care. So, if it is happening that nature has a system. Nature is a science. Your body has a biology, your body has a  chemistry, fission.

Mind is after leave it where go?

Mind is exploring, everyday mind is getting information and more explore so, mind is collected through the past to the present to the futures.

Yes, If I am become center? Susumna?

Nobody care your become susumna anything.

That’s right that mind is there? Or disappear?

No, mind if disappear you are not human being.

Really, memory talking about?

Yes, wash out, we say mind nirodha, keep the mind but mind has many raga, dawasha, klesha, that is remove it.

Remove it, still there or transfer your state?

Remove means gone but new thing will come.

Gone means where go? Disappear?

Everyday you’re doing tape record mata computer, where go?

Remain that tape.
No remain in the tape there is a science, computer has a science, if you take out, wash out in some place also it is remain.

Somebody doing?

Yes they find out, that is called hacking.

That is also some where there?


Hide and cannot destroy?


Really, then become garbage in the world?

No, cannot any energy you can merge, some merge you cannot destroy. Energy is a movement’s action. Any energy it is a   movement it can be changed, it can be dissolved but it is there like a small steam in the mountain there is a water floating that   become a river like a one is to one drop, one drop become a river then they float, they are floating, floating many way takes a   long time. In first time they take long time after that they are continue floating. But not same water but different water coming.  But it is a river only, we say it is a river but we must think that not same water because it is a process is there coming, coming, coming, going. This is a life has a process. When life moves it carry everything with it. When movement stop you are no more, your karma is finished. Karma move because in life move so, there is movement and stop, there is parking also. Thought can  be park. Many thing in the memory like a many memory can be past can be parked can be forgot, you can be bring it out.




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