Real means many way. The five element is a yoga. You are born because of yoga, are growing because of yoga. Yoga is a nature. Yoga comes through the natural science to create this world. Yoga has made this union through the word. Yoga has made us because of union. Now whatever you are doing your thought, master thought together planning to help people. Your thought and disciple thought you are planning to this is yoga. So, by asking somebody to do a computer is a yoga is a union, if finger don’t move computer cannot do any things. If mind doesn’t move make union with computer union with thinking cannot move. Yoga is a practical experience in the life. Every movement, every seconds, this become a nature. So, we say yoga is a Samadhi. Yoga is the success in the life. It give you concentration, contemplation this all is yoga. You cannot avoid it but you don’t like yoga that is main thing.