You are seeing, you are watching is a God, your hearing is a God, your smell is a God, your thinking is a God. You cannot walk, you cannot talk we say he do not have hand he is doing everything, he do not have leg but he is everywhere, he is walking everywhere he do not have eyes but he seen everywhere he is watching everywhere. This is around you everything is a God that is a believe. Don’t have karma but he is doing every karma he is doing.

    Because he is Omni present. He is everything, everywhere whatever you are doing he is doing.
If he not with you, cannot do, you cannot walk this is meaning. Your eyes is his, your ear is his, your nose is his, you have only physical senses. You have only senses but who is working with the senses that is God. Very simple way to believe make people write strong mind require to write. You have fear god, many people don’t believe God, who will not believe, everybody will believe God. They know what is the truth.

Simple understanding, creation is a God but he don’t create he is separated us. There is one big stone if you break it that stone become a small, small piece. That is we are that is, but try your best you cannot be together but every piece of stone, every atom of stone have a same power, what that big stone was having.

No, because there is a system, everything has a system. If raining does not come there is no river will dry, ocean will dry, everything will dry. So, you are life, river. You are floating, there is a source coming, coming, coming. So, it is journey, life is a journey like a river coming form same place coming from. Ocean water is going to the space, space to the raining coming to the mountain. Mountain to the floating river going to the ocean again. This is continue like this so, life is like this like a river. So, you have believe that, so your breathing is a support of life. If you don’t breathe you will die, if don’t eat then you will die these are supporting of the life.