The samadhi, the casual cognition of a which is cultivated through method, upaya, pratyahara. Accurace to the Jogis .Faith shraddha means full clarity and pleasant ness of the mind field then brilliant like a mother, she protect the Jogi. When the Jogi whole faith and seek discriminating wisdom, vibeka, strength, biriya, gather in him. As a strength gather in him intense intentness attaind upon him. As a shealth gather in him intentness attend upon him at the presence of intentness the mind free of disturbance become harmonize and stabilized in samadhi. When yogi mind field has become harmonize and stabilized6 in samadhi, the discrimination from awakening wisdom praganna, vibeka appears and one then new know the exact reality. Practice abhayasa and through special vairagya concerning it the Asampraggat samadhi occurs. The samadhi of some other has as precipitation, faith, strength, intentness, meditation and awakening of wisdom in the sampragayat samadhi. Shraddha, viriya, smriti, samadhi, praganna five upaya.

Believe teaching is ok to master trust to say?

Now, we simply have to language that you have a power and that power can do any things how to meet that power because  your mind is in a confusion. Your mind gone here, there many dimension so, you are always far away from your self. You are never with your self so, this is I want to bring back to yourself. Then mind is your mind, you can change the mind, you can transfer the mind, you can stop the mind. But what you are, you dont know, what you have you dont know. Only what mind  have you. What mind can do? What mind is doing only this much is knows. What you can do, what you can become you dont  know. So, this faith will bring back to yourself. Believe, faith means believe.

What believe? yourself believe say God believe anything?

Don’t say thing, faith is a self energy.

Don’t say what believe don’t say?

This you select.

This you select Jesus Christ, Buddha you select?
That is important, your selection important. If you like, you select himalayan saint?

Yes, anybody select. So, your selection is important. If I say, you select means you become other idea so, you select yourself, I am this, I want to do this, I want to believe this so, your energy will grow, to grow your energy to meet your source of energy, you have to believe yourself. It is all natural, river is floating natural, wind is blowing natural, fire burn natural do you know that   so, this way your energy if you believe your energy grow natural go to a source. So it can give you a success. It can give you   the fulfilment, it can give you the satisfaction, it can bring your realization, it can bring you understanding. Because it is all   happening to you. Your mind is doing, your mind is a doer’s. But with you happen. Happen means great things natural. Any   past present future which is happening to you. With a consciousness you are not a doer. Everything happening in the world,  you are just a witness.

But your mind is a doer’s. You have to do with the mind, you have to work with the mind, you have to think with the mind, you   have to feel with the mind. But you become a consciousness, you dont have to do anything?

That is surrendering mean?

Whom surrender, why dont you understand, become consciousness you become yourself, you are the God.

Connect thing believe?

Believe word is important no connect. There is no body to connect do you know that believe is source, going to the source,faith, believe, trust. Believe change into the faith, faith change into the trust. Trust is important, trust is there with the truth. So, coming back to the source, who you are? It is a realization. It is a buddhi, It is a sankaya philosophy buddhi, it is a Patanjali philosophy self being, consciousness.

Then, just to the Diksha giving is not connection to the source?

This is objective world, mind work. Diksha is not a work of consciousness.

But shakti path is?

This all mind.

mind what? Connect?

Knowers and knowing, these are a mind. Doer’s and doing is a mind. But experiencing who am I that is not a mind, that is a  beyond everything’s. Watcher is not a mind but watching with the eyes is a mind. Feeding with the body, smelling with the nose,hearing with the ears is a mind. But watching a mind is a consciousness.

Watching mind, mind watching mind you say some times?

Yes, double mind.

Not consciousness from?

No, but you can become consciousness.

Watching mean moving like anger like watching?

Yes, anger or anything you are watching arise to consciousness.

Diksaha is mind, mind mean, what is?

Mind work.

Whose mind? Master mind? His Mind?

Diksha asking is his mind. Diksha giving is a master mind.

Giving to shakti path, mantra giving?

Shakti path is a energy work, it is all mind.

But something kriyas to deep meditation guiding, what that?

Everything is mind. Meditation is also mind.

Mantra repeat?

Also mind.

Mind, after death, then go beyond?

No, mind can free you. Nirodha yogas chitta brithi nirodha. Mind mean you know that. Chitt means the field of consciousness. Not consciousness, mind field that is called. Every thing happening in your life that is mind field. If you go beyond that, if you  stop that activities, go beyond that, that become meditation. That’s why say, yoga is a samadhi.

But stopping mean like or mantra doing after that zerox condition?

Yes, that is called wisdom of samadhi.

Pranayama does, after stop activity then peace state that state that become consciousness? energy giving after that sitting  watching that becomes empty that is also consciousness? That condition, to experience, if we experience that piece mind, become connect to self little bit beyond experience that remain, that memorize that want to give that stage that something contact to, not mind work to the piece mind get relax?
Yes, yes.




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