So said the Master……..

 What is morality..?  Morality is integrity, love, kindness,sympathy and respect. Respect to mother and father. Respect to senior citizen. Not avoiding them. Not letting them down, because we have a due to pay to them. The due of bringing us up. All the children have grown up because of their parents. Of their care and concern. You must not forget to respect your mother and father. Do not forget to respect the integrity. Your country is your country, which has given everything to you.   The land on which you are living is your motherland.  If you die for the motherland, even you cannot pay it. So you must develop purity and dignity for the country. Love your country. Save the country, save the culture of the country.

Above that, you are a human being. Everywhere human being have a duty, to develop their love and peace for the world. The earth where you live is called the world, the universe.  There are many kind of life on the universe.  First as a human being, we have to save all the humanities, like you, if you want to save your life, you want to take care of your life, you have to take care of other life also. Not the ones which disturb the earth.  Nature keeps only those living beings on the earth which balance it.  Why are you bent upon uprooting the vegetation. You are cutting the tree, you are destroying and misusing the water. Killing the animals. This will not bring the peace in the world. This sends the negative approach in the environment. So please come back to your self. As you love yourself, as you respect yourself. As you are kind to your families, like that this kindness of love , you should bring kindness to the animals. Water is a life, only don’t make it as a problem for living being. Do not pollute the space, do not pollute, as an invention of science, the radars, the microwaves, the mobile towers……etc. which are so much exuberantly spread over all over the place, will pollute and has polluted the space. Its effects are being seen to have harmed the human mind. Though a means to communicate has become and addiction and that addiction has lead to many crimes, many diseases and disharmony all over.

The oceans are being polluted by hiding the nuclear, atomic bombs. Not only that the garbage of all the seas, the canals, the rivers is finally getting settled in oceans and harming the water living creatures in the ocean. It is indeed a heinous crime.   If one day all these bombs blast, what will happen to the ocean.   You are inviting nature to destroy it, by destroying the humanities love and kindness. Your love , your humanity, your kindness is your moral living. These basics must be taught in the beginning.  In the school, in college, even in the places where you work. Be it ministries or industries or any other area of life. This can bring peace and harmony, the thought of brotherhood and compassion within all. A synchronised living for sure.  It will save the universe. Going against the nature has a repulsive effect.  What we give will come back with double intensity. So the days are not far when nature will react in the destructive manner. So before it takes a monstrous form, please calm down, pause, hold your self and come back to yourself.

—To reach to your gravitational power you have to use your trust, harmony, which is morality of life. To bring peace in the world you must have a man of morality…


Miracle of love

Miracle of trust

Miracle of peace

We want to bring the peace in the world. Every human mind must walk on this path. That is why I am inviting all the ruler of the countries.  They must have a change, they must go through this one. To become perfect human being, perfect ruler to bring peace in the world.  It is essential that we are at peace with ourselves first. Then the outer can happen.

If we implement this. We have to start teaching this. You may be producing engineer, doctors, scientist, but why can’t we have people develop their consciousness. Man of virtue,man of love, man of moralities .  If all these values and inculcated in them as they study their academics or and technical degree etc. This combination can produce amazing human beings who not only will help themselves but will be an asset to humanity and the world itself.

Unfortunately none of the countries is developing people the virtues of being man of faith.  It is missing and now we are passed era after era and more and more human beings are getting involved in the outer creation, outer beautification of life. All the creation is becoming destructive to the world. Slowly and gradually we are taking world towards the destruction. Its high time that you change. How much more destruction. Now you have to change it and let it start.

Mahayogi Pilot Baba