In modern compact electronic life style when people seem to be caught up in stiff competition and are racing against the time to be one up than the other, there comes a stage when frustration, fear and pain takes over the mental peace, leaving an individual completely perplexed and one is unable to decide what is that he/she has gained in life.

However admist these people, there do exist such enlightened souls, who inspite of being born with silver spoons in their mouth, renounce the worldly pleasures to spread the message of peace and love, onesness and understanding in the world.  Their aim in life becomes to serve the most valuable creation of nature “Human” and be a crusader in service of Humanity.

To name a few – Mother Tereasa, Ma Anandmayi, St.Fatima – have dedicated their life’s for service of humanity.

One such living and enlightened soul in modern era is “YOG MATA KEIKO AIKAWA”. who is not only known world over for preaching “Meditation and Yoga “ but her untiring journey towards “WORLD PEACE CAMPAIN” has turned many a depressed souls into happier and peaceful beings.

Born on 31st May, 1945 at Yamanshi (Japan), she happens to be the daughter of one of the richest ( advocate & great politician) persons of Japan.  But her earnest desire and unending quest to explore Human form , ones ownself made her renounce the worldly pleasures and be a seeker of that eternal spiritual treasure/pleasure which is not only everlasting but increases the more one shares it with others.

Yogmata says – the truth cannot be said but one can feel its presence, its fragrance around everything and anything.  She further adds on that :

  • Yoga / Meditation is a science of the transformation of Life.
  • It reaches the spirit and spiritual energy.
  • It enables human being to retire in its ownself and thereby explore ones own potential / strength.
  • It is a scientific activity which provides longevity to the body.  Understanding to the mind and peace to the soul.  It is a process of attaining oneness within us,   oneness within mankind, oneness with Universe and Oneness with God.

Known as Ma Keladevi in India, Yogmata has got initiation from great living sage Sant Yogi Avtar Baba.  To serve the world peace and humanity, she has taken five times underground “Yog Samadhi “.

She says Samadhi is a gateway to contentment.  It is a result of Shunya and Chaitanya – of Emptiness and Consciousness.  It is a stage which can be reached only through meditation.

Having become a realized one and an enlightened soul, she has attained ones with wholeness.  She has acquired mystic healing powers and has cured many suffering souls through her hand power healing.  She is a great master of rebalancing body and mind.

To share her eternal bliss with outside world, she is welcoming everyone with open arms to come to her, for she sees flowers of love and peace blooming in everyone’s eyes.  She says she has nothing else to give but share with all of us that infinite love, the presence of God, which is eternal.  The more she distributes it to one and all, the more she is blessed with that infinite love.  Hence a meeting and interaction with such a realized soul is in itself a step towards self realization, to re-kindly that light of hope which rejuvenates in human being love for life and its fellow beings.  Quest for that eternal happiness and peace which seems to be diminishing slowly and gradually.  It is an opportunity which knocks every human being’s door to shred off ego and pride and come in the presence of that realized soul who is ready to pour unto us the message of peace, love and harmony.

For more information on the Ashram in Japan, look at the website (Japanese) at science.ne.jp