YOG MATA KEIKO AIKAWA, fondly called by her devotees in India MA KEILA DEVI, is a living saint, whose ultimate aim has been to be a messenger of peace and divine love world over. An enlightened and awakened soul, a self realised

Yog Mata Keiko Aikawa’s journey in the awakening of humankind started ever since she got initiated by Yogi Maha Avtar Baba – a Himalayan saint. Her quest to be immersed in divine love and be one with the Supreme self made her visit many gumpas in Leh, Ladakh and Tibet. While staying with many highly elevated saints in Tibet and Nepal for months she has been fortunate enough to encounter many naked NAGA Saints and learned from all these saints the value of self-realisation.

Born on 31st May’1945 at Yamanshi (Japan), she happens to be the daughter of one of the richest (advocate & great politician) persons of Japan. Being born in such a rich family and surrounded by all luxurious things, she could also have spent her life enjoying all these commodities and remain involved in worldly mundane activities. BUT, the urge, the enchantment, the pull of ‘DIVINE LOVE’ and ‘DIVINE GRACE’ is such that all worldly

treasures seem too insignificant. Where ever she visits, she propagates the thought that Yoga is a science
of the transformation of life – of self transformation. Physical Science has reached the atom and the atomic energy – but yoga has reached the spirit and the spiritual energy. Through former the mystery hidden in matter is discovered. Through the latter the world hidden in the self is revealed.

Yogmata has taken underground Samadhi many times under the guidance of Pilot Baba. She is scheduled to do so again in next year’s Kumbh Mela in Nasik.

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