Samadhi is the last limb of the yoga, which opens all the gates of supreme consciousness. When you reach in the samadhi, means you have traveled from beginning to the end, it means that you have enjoyed, you have entertained and you have experienced each and every act of life and every stage of this life age.
But when you reach beyond the death, it becomes a celebration. Now it is no more death, you have already experienced the death, so all the fears disappear. And whole space is open to you, all the distance disappears, there are no more directions of east, west, north, south, there are no more ups and downs and there is no more birth and death, the whole universe i.e. “Brahammand” become home in the Samadhi.

Samadhi is a total liberation. When you experience the Samadhi it means that you have gone through the physical body experiences, astral body experiences, cozal body experiences and you have experienced the self also and you have become experience less also, it means you become the “Brahamannd” i.e. the universe.

When you want to go through the Samadhi it means you have become oneness to your body, when you are oneness to your body it means you become a “Siddha” of physical power. You can become the elephant power and then you can become very small fly power too because when once oneness to your body is completely in your control so all kind of physical power can be under your control. Once you become experienced of your astral body it means you are oneness to your mind, oneness to your “Gyana” i.e. wisdom bodies and you are oneness to your “Pranic” life force (vital energy), because astral body has three dimensional power, it has a pranic body that is called as pranmaya kosh, second is mental body called manomaya kosh and third is the vigyanmaya kosh which is the gyana body i.e. wisdom body, this is the most powerful and useful body. Physical body is dependent on this three-dimensional body. So when you are in the second stage of the samadhi that means you have siddhi of becoming highly intellectuals and you can fly, you can travel to the astral worlds, you can leave your physical bodies and can go anywhere in this universe and can come back as per your will.

As the philosophy of yoga says that it is a stage of “Sampargat Samadhi” which is known as Savichar, Savikalpa, Ananda and Asmita samadhies. It is most useful to living a best life in this universe, with an objective and subjective realization, when you can go beyond your body and mind and you can go beyond gyana also and after all these experiences you can go totally beyond all these things and become a self, oneness to your karan i.e. kozal body, it has a memory of millions and millions of life travelling. It is your real house where you are residing. It is a house of the self and being known as being, which is known as atma.

Having all this experiences one can live with the earth energy. Living with earth energy means making oneness to the whole earth, that means a man who is in samadhi become oneness to everything that is created by the earthly energy, for that you have to sit inside the cave, in the underground pit and you have to become bodyless. You have to hand over your body to the earth. It means that you have become detached from your body, you have separated your physical body. In the modern age it is called as “Bhoomigat Samadhi” i.e. under pit samadhi, it was known as samadhi in the caves in olden days. Everyone can do it because it is nature of every kind of jiva i.e. living being. It is just like sleeping experiences in everyday life and dreaming and then going beyond everything in deep sleep having no experiences of anything. If you can create yourself to be in deep sleep and becoming nobody and no mind that key should be in your hand, then it can be possible to go into underground samadhi for long days. It is a great “Tapas” becoming a mantraless, kriyaless and pranaless, so the yogi only practices this.

Another way of samadhi is also practiced by sitting in the water. Handing over your body to the water and becoming oneness to the water, and then you can contact everything in this universe which has contact with the water. Water becomes the media of that yogi to travel in this universe. This is called as Jal Samadhi, very few people in history has this experience like Vishnu living in the water, Varun live in the water and there are many saints who has lived in the water even in the mahabharata Duryodhana went to hide in water samadhi, sita went to earthly samadhi and rama went to water samadhi and nowadays only pilotbaba lived in the water for many many days.

There is another type of samadhi in the air tight glass i.e. becoming airy body, becoming oneness to the air, it means you can travel through the air. You can make your body like wind and can live anywhere in the space. Mostly these types of samadhis are practiced by these yogis to come and go from this planet to any other planet and to get experience of many other planets and other types of lives to bring in the minds of people that how human life is superior, to make human being understand that you have everything in yourself. Just like this universe to meet the universe and to go anywhere in this universe is very easy if you meet yourself and if you become a pilgrimage to yourself.

Your body has everything, the root to the all planets and the gateway of all heavens, the gateway of your consciousness and the door to the god is within your body. There is no door to a realization in this outside world, there is no any door to reach to the heaven in the outside, there is no any route to the satisfaction, fulfillment, silence, peace, ananda in this outside objective world. Only it is inside your body.

You can travel the whole world and you have to come back to your home, you will find peace and happiness, ananda only at home. Same things you have traveled from silence to the physical body, which is not your real home. You have to go back to your real home, so you have to go, that’s why as a human being you have to practice samadhi yoga to go back to your real home, only samadhi will open the door of the real homes from where you have traveled to this home. That is your real inner mechanism, which is, called “Anthakaran” can become a root, that’s why yoga has a limb.

That’s why many people in the society practice to open your minds, samadhi is not a religion, samadhi is a science of self-discovery. And what you know science is an invention, it is a material journey, it is atomic journey, a nuclear journey and organic journey. But science of self-discovery is a taking you to the center of everything.

Samadhi is a womb of all creations. It is a total silence from where everything has evoluted, you can’t fusion the nucleus, you cannot diffuse the last mini atoms, but in the samadhi you can go beyond this mini atoms also because samadhi is space of everything. So your yoga is a samadhi because yoga has a limb, it is yam and niyama, it has asna and pranayama, and it has pratyahar. All are the systems and techniques of purifying and making a clear road to go into the dharna. From the dharna, “concentration” we have only one word Dharna. But for dharna we have to use contemplation, concentration and meditation, you are using three words but it is dharna only. You cannot translate dhayana as meditation because meditation is dharna only.

Samadhi becomes from dharna, dharna is also samadhi. Through the dharna you can develop your mind in many dimensions. Dharna is developing your mental power. All the knowledge, all the experiences, all the civilizations, education and all the work either in the kitchen or in the school, industry, fields or anywhere dharna is there. Without dharna you cannot do it because it is a mental power.

In the dharna there is “sayanma” which you are using as awareness, this is also not dhayana; it is a part of concentration, dhayana. Dharna is the root of all the sidhis of this world and it is home of inventions of science. After dharna you naturally fall into dhayana. Dhayana is a field, which has no boundaries and no limitations, you will fall into dhayana or dhayana will happen, you cannot practice dhayana. It will be your greatest mistake to say that I am meditating because dhayana always happen but dharna is practiced.

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