The Indian religion has gone as a professional thing so once you are professional the things are broken. What is a truth, truth has been covered by the a truth, truth has been covered by the untruth and we are teaching the arrangement of truth all teaching has come arrangement of truth all teaching has come as a arrangement of teachings and it is covered by the untruth the mind has become so intellectuals mind has become so scientific mind has become so creative so it can flush everything what is the truth and you can bring out everything as a new idea new science new techniques so today world is caption in the teaching of untruth covered by the truth is covered by untruth



All the philosophy has come as mind philosophy though mind is very powerful thing but what is the mind what mind can do we are not picking up what the mind of Deva has done it what the mind of Brahma has done it. The mind of Brahma has created whole the worlds and Brahma says that I have given this mind to you. Instead of going to the source of the mind we have gone evolution of the minds. Today the world has come in the evolution of the minds so the science has become a most dangerous things in the worlds. I am religion teaching cannot cover with the science. Science has taken over the worlds, it has given a great civilization great success great facilities better way of living, luxurious way of living in the light, living with better traffic transportation, All it is given by the mind but you don’t know what mind can give you, you never try to understand mind so the teaching must be changed if you are practicing a mind you should go through one element of the minds. And one element what has gone, what power has gone, how it has connected to your body? How it has connected to the world that element can let you know that then element. creating a making a bodies, elements making a destroying of the science.So spiritual power has been lost, it has been covered by the power of science.Spiritual power is also a power of the mind and science is also the power of the mind. Spiritual science is the power of the inner mind. It work with the sankalpa, it work with the rezo will, it work with the will powers.


You may be meditating but you do not have a power of sankalpa you meditation is not success. You may be doing a Asana but you are not your thoughts are not implementing towards implement what centre which way which mantra way you are doing Asana that Asana has no meaning may be you are doing a Pranayama but what for the intimation of mind must be there doing a pranayama so all these things are not happening. we are hoping for the name and fame and profession in the worlds we are doing all the asanas all the pranayama for the body powers not body enlightenment you are doing for the body power, physical powers.

you are doing pranayama for thinking power enlightenment not enlightenments of the thoughts. Not enlightenment of your self so this has been confused.Today we want change in all the teachers all the teachers has to come back to their source. Are there actual master if not they have to become a masters. If not then they have to go to the perfect masters to find out what is the source of the teaching. The teaching must be taught, the practice must be taught, Tapas must be practice with the intimation of mind to the goal of inner words not outer words.






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