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want to meet you.

can I meet you in person ?I live in Usa and I am vising India in mid march.Will you be in New Delhi during march,april??pl tell me when you can meet me.can I meet you on 20 th march in new Delhi please??pl answer ASAp.thank you very much.I feel I am lucky to hear about you.just saw your picture on your web site.want to meet you right away.thanks Avinash

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By: Avinash Kaur | 22 Feb 2012 12:35 pm

Om Namo Narayana !

Thanks for your query dear Avinash and greetings of peace and love from
all of us here.

We apologies revered Babaji is travelling around 19th March to US. You can check the details mentioned on the banner put up in our website.
Babaji is travelling currently within India.

Best wishes
Babaji's disciple
Web Master
07 Mar 2012 2:49 pm

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Mahayogi .....a soul extraordinary

Pilot BabaIf your Silence has become almost like breathing –
a part of your being,
just as with the circulation of the blood,
then there is no need to be worried,
that you are too slow.
In the inner world - there is no question of speed.
In the inner world - everything is growing naturally -
according to its own pace.

Yogmata........a mother compassionate

YOGMATA KEIKO AIKAWAIt is "Discovery of your own truth, divine identity". Living in the divine and merging within the whole. Nothing but feeling of "ONENESS" emerges in you. To know oneself through Samadhi is to meet one's true Self, it is the beginning of knowing Consciousness.

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