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To all amazing souls

America has confused and disturbed its power of energy by creating trouble to the humanity of other countries. So America is going to lose their integrity in the world. I have no personal enmity against America - but the energy of the country has become as such.

Those days are going off, which American people had pride to be on the top of the world. Only the re-search and power cannot help you. Let your people look for enlightenment. Doors are always open. Come out from the confusion of energy. There is nothing powerful than love, compassion, gratitude and trust. See  everything within yourself. We have everything within, which has to be enlightened and realised, what you are looking.

There is energy which rises from inside. It is not only your truth – it is truth of Universe. If one learns not to create war in the world. Try to bring harmony in the world. All of you have chances to bring unto you the love and compassion.

The horror has been created in the world regarding the destruction which is going to happen in year 2012. May be all the terrorism is going to disappear to make world fearless. It is human mind. Terrorism is not natural.

Develop your awareness with nature. All of you can create a beautiful world in you and in the world. All are welcome.

My blessings to you all
Mahayogi Pilot Baba

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