You are the greatest gift of Almighty.
You are not only yourself a gift - you have also a MIND.

  • Mind with will power.
  • Mind with thought power.
  • Mind with imaging and imagination power.
  • Mind with determination.

If you could understand what is the mind ?
How to utilise it ?
How to implement it ? you would not see yourself in crossroads or in the jigsaw puzzle of confusion.

Mind is in your hands. It is absolutely the follower of your will, only if you know how to direct it.

If you are caught in the language of mind, it is essential that you seek freedom from the mind as your mind is not freed.

It is your will as a desire. It is your will as a realisation of self.
If you know how to operate the will, you have the best world of living and enlightenment.

All the psychology, Vedanta science is bound to depend on your will. Without your will this world has no meaning. For you everything is there to live in this world and to come out through this world, when you know how to use the “Will”. It is such a power which can bring the boon of God in your feet. God gave it to you while creating you. He offered all his power to yourself and to go beyond that. How is it you made it dormant.
It is your mind which has abandoned you. It is your weakness of living where you have surrendered. Will with your surrendering to go beyond the world. Go through the mind. It is your power, which has direct contact with God or Supreme. All philosophy of the world is created by mind and through the mind. It may have come from the mind but it is above the mind. Mind is just a channel and channel cannot be the supreme or the origin. Origin is much beyond. To reach to origin of your self , your power of thought – ichha shakti is very important.
Understand thought is more powerful than the mind. Though it has come from the mind but it is the most powerful and beautiful method to realisation. I want you to come into the field of the ‘Will Power’, which can give you everything, what you want. The last mission of the will is to enlighten yourself because enlightenment can have everything with living enlightenment.
Thus awake your thought power and enjoy its power. Its only that human the most beautiful creation of Divine is bestowed with this power. Understand its intensity and raise it. Why do you want to spend life times. Make this life the ultimate one to reach to enlightenment.

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