"Why religion has become a poison and why it is used to poison the human being whereas religion was the science of developing the consciousness".

Religion is the gyana "wisdom'", religion is purifying, religion is a sacred journey, religion is true civilization of mind. What religion has given to humanity is open to everyone. The religion of Veda, Koran or Bible is open to all worlds. It has great knowledge of human civilization. It has great science of human mind's clarity and it has great science of wisdom of knowledge. It has always given message to live in these worlds helping others using everything in the better way and making life on earth a heaven, also living without attachments and trying to go beyond everything. Religion has always given us a greatest thought of living.
Religion has given the greatest people as incarnated ones, pagambers and crists, but nowadays religion has become a poison because it has been taken to become a powerful man in leu of giving a beautiful life and creating a beautiful path and making creative inventions of science, many people has gone evils way. You are using wrong way of our religion; the message of Vedas, Koran and Bible, the commandments has been wrongly used.
You can not change the consciousness, you can change the name, culture or philosophy but you cannot change the self. The day religion become wrong, the day religion become a poison, when the spiritual people started changing the dharma, Christians wants to spread out Christianity so there motive become to make whole world Christians, similarly the Islam wants to change the whole world to Islam, same way Buddhists wants to change whole world to Buddhism. So the religion has become an "Ism". Religion has become organizations.
From their terrorism started, from their wars started, and from their power politics started. Religion is no more religion, it has become organization and all these organizations are very dangerous whether it is politics or religion. They will fight for there "ism". They always want to destroy the others philosophy, methodology. That’s why all these things are happening in this world in the name of peace and blessings, in the name of service of god.
Religion is now creating slavery; most of the religion is exploiting the humanity as they have exploited in the past. It has become the ego fight. Either it was war of Mahabharata; war of Ramayana or it is hundreds of war in the Christianity, Islamism, Jews etc which has happened in the past. It was an ego fighting and now also it is same thing being repeated, it is in the name of religion. All the humanity is now suffering, it is a known truth that there were wars due to religion and there will be war because of religion. Because we have come to the stage of end of science now, there is no more where science can go from where it has reached now, only it can destroy.
Let us not allow anyone to make the world slave. Must all of the personalities think who wants to become Masiah, Pagamber or Gurus of the worlds, they have also there end, they also cannot take this world, they will not be available here to see that what is going to happen in the world in the future, they have end of there life, not the end of world. They are born to celebrate there life and do there best karma which cannot die like a real master Crist, Mohammed, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Arestu, Mosa etc.
Now all the world realized that how dangerous is religion, they have been doing small mistakes of demolishing temple, church or mosque to bring there ideas and thoughts through fear. Now they have destroyed the trade towers of America, how can be they good to humanity who create sufferings and killings, how they can be known as great people in history.
It must be stopped here whoever has done, the whole world must try to stop this otherwise everyone become there target because they don't love it, they have hate nature, they are not religion of consciousness developer. They are killers in the name of spirituality; they have teachings of hating people who does not believe in their philosophy.
I pray for all victims who has suffered and I wish to invite all of the worlds to pray for the suffering people to go into the peace and the heavens. Let us pray for them whose mind has become a hate, dislikes, for them let us pray to become a loving nature. Let us do the best for everyone; let us pray for the best of everyone. Let us work together to bring peace into this world and peace into the minds of everyone and who does not believe in this they must be destroyed as Ravana was destroyed by Rama, as Kans was destroyed by Krishna, and as all the evil forces of demons were destroyed by Mother Goddess. As Krishna made a clever way to destroy Korvas power by Pandavas, same thing today someone has to become, that someone may be a country, may be a president or prime minister of the world who can make oneness to all the nations to fight against the evil powers like terrorism.

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