Japan - a moment of care

Dear All,

Every moment is a play of birth and death. Evolved in other pleasures of life , we all forget it in our day to day living. An example - devastating Tsunami at Japan. In a fraction of minute everything was upside down, despite the modern technological guidance and precautions. We aught to learn from it.

Thus, in this hour of pain and agony that Japan is going through, let us all come together and pray for their peace and courage to come back to normal life. Pray for the Global peace.

We are making all efforts to put in our bit and therefore would like to appeal to kindly donate a minimal amount of Rs.100/- (rupees hundred) for the cause. You can transfer the amount to the following account number under intimation to us.

Mahayog Foundation
Account No.2455101000516,
Canara Bank, Vikaspuri – New Delhi – INDIA )
(Donations made are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act)

Be assured that the amount sent by you will reach the needy . Your thought and will is important.

With much peace and love and with blessings of Mahayogi Pilot Baba

Team - Mahayog Foundation.

Mahayogi .....a soul extraordinary

Pilot BabaIf your Silence has become almost like breathing –
a part of your being,
just as with the circulation of the blood,
then there is no need to be worried,
that you are too slow.
In the inner world - there is no question of speed.
In the inner world - everything is growing naturally -
according to its own pace.

Yogmata........a mother compassionate

YOGMATA KEIKO AIKAWAIt is "Discovery of your own truth, divine identity". Living in the divine and merging within the whole. Nothing but feeling of "ONENESS" emerges in you. To know oneself through Samadhi is to meet one's true Self, it is the beginning of knowing Consciousness.


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