Beware of practicing meditation as energy.....

Beware of practicing meditation as energy as it will always lead you somewhere not towards yourself. Because everything in the world is energy.

Only your meditation is not energy.

Love is not energy.

Realisation is not energy.

So - only you are with the energy as illumination of energy.

Hence by most of the teachers of the world you are only getting garbage of energy, which is making you to have feasion, fusion and diffusion. Nothing beyond all these things.

Only meditation can take you beyond energy as you are not energy.

Everything you will get is energy. Everything you will practice has energy. Your love is change of energy. Your devotion is change of energy. There you are not bound to have self realisation. You are only complying with the energy work. So your love with beauty , person, name, fame which has magnetic power to attract you, to pull you, to embrace you, because of its mind and result of the mind.

Come for the freedom.

Come for the liberation.

Love without expectation.

A meditation without destiny - without goal.

With blessings to one and all
Mahayogi Pilot Baba

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