Sareshwra Nandji wanders, mostly, in the Kumoan region. His popular abode is a cave which is situated inside an old dilapilated house of Swami Ramtirth. Many of his disciples also reside with him in this cave. The location of this cave offers them total anonimity. Acharya Shri Ram sharma, the founder of the Gayatri Ashram, is Sareswhranandji's disciple. The concept of 'Gayatri Ashram' was initiated by this saint. Shri Ram Sharma toiled tirelessly and gave solid shape to the unleased thoughts of Sarweshranandji. In the past, Gayatri was tied by various rules and regulations. But the arrival of Shri Ram Sharma and his flocks, wrought a revolutionary change in the attitude of the institution. The strong hold of a particular high class smashed and the doors of the religious establishment were thrown open to everyone. Hence forth, men and women of all casts were welcomed in the precincts of Ashram. All these changes were the result of Sarveshranandji's philosophy which emphasized the importnace of equal status of every human beings. Though the inspiration behind this movement is Sarveshranandji, yet he is strickly opposed to the practise of the worship of an individual. He simply condemned the attitude of people which only shows mental slavery to the thoughts of a particular person. He thinks that it is his duty to express the fundamental thoughts, which can be beneficial to the human race. But at the same time he denounces individual worship. The practice of idolartry, he feels, will destroy the very fundamentals of any revolution. No revolution can survive if it is chained to 'dogmas'.

Many organisations have suffered a set back due to the practise of harping upon the personal traits of their religious leaders. Hitler Mussolini, Stalin, are such example which aptly throw light on this statement. Seated on the shore of the river Bhilangana he uttered the following words of wisdom which were the fruits of his observation of the contemporary social system. He said - "Men willingly become the slave of many leaders who have rather brazenly indulged in self adulation. Such men cast a hypnotic spell on the gullible people and crush their individuality. The future of a nation and it's religion where such a practise is encouraged, is predictably bleak. Why can't man learn a lesson from the flowing rivers which remain fresh and pious despite the dirt which is regularly dumped into them? 'Ocean' is the destination of all the rivers. Small rivers mingle with big rivers before their final union with ocean. Despite the mingling they retain their intrinsic individuality. Man should also behave in the manner of the rivers and preserve his individuality. Unfortunately, man has turned a blind eye to nature in the role of a teacher, and is on the contrary following the borrowed ways of the world.

All the institutions suffer from this fundamental 'flaw'. When people try to express spiritual inspiration in physical terms, they erroneously shackle the consciousness to an inert state. The vibrations of words instead of inspiring get involved in creating 'spiritualism Creation' of anything invaribly faces hurdles, because it has a shape and a size. It has a limitation, which can be discussed at great length But 'man' is beyond this discussion. 'Man', himself is a creation, and God is inspiration'. 'Creation' of any institution spells rules and regulations. Just as the soul is within the confines of the body, so is a man within the limitations of an organisation, be it social, or religious. With the result, all his efforts are directed to the development of the organisation. He always tries to high light the virtues of its founder. In due course if this attitude persists his own individualty will be dwarfed, and he will be lost forever in oblivion If we want to render selfless service to our nation, we have to first realize our roots, and later think of universal co-operation.

Religion should not be looked upon, only as an institution. It is much more than that. It is related to life. And since life is related to God, it's relation to God is logical. ' Ishwar' or God is 'Bramha' and therefore has all the knowledge of the Bramhand. Thus, we can say that religion cannot be owned by any religious institute or organisation. Religion teaches 'man' how to lead his life. It is a symbol' as well as an 'expression'.

'Man' should adopt that special aspect of religion which embraces the entire mankind. Such a religion, if at all comes to 'life' can become the true source of inspiration to all the living beings. But it is unfortunate that the present social scenario and religious scenario, is the contradiction of this dream.

In this context, it is important that India should revolutionize it's mode of operations and change the redundant education system. India may be a secular nation, but it has been unsuccessful in eradication of the deep rooted caste system. This cast system has made in roads even in the government machinery. Infact the entire administration is beset with flaws. It can not function smoothly on borrowed policies.Even the culture of ouir country is plagued by alien influences. In all the walks of life this mental slavery is evident. The rampant irregularities in the procedure of elections, government services are due to the blind adherence to cast systems, particular groups and organisations. We must renovate the entire government machinery and do away with the certain prejudices so that fair judgement is not hampered. A nation which fails to give due recognition to it's wortly individuals, its literature, and it's culture, is bound to lose it's originality. The present situation of religion in India, is rather shaky. The shadow of the outside influences have dimmed the glory of our religion and cultural heritage, what we have today in the name of religion and culture is only its adulterated version Intellectuals, who are interested in solving the confusion, can come up wth befitting suggestions.

The national character should be firm. Various religious affiliations should not be allowed to dominate the fundamental nationality of the Indians. Every person is first a human being and then an Indian. It will be a glorious historical moment, when Indians will understand this motto. Our nation, riddled with dogmas, and religious factions, will get a new lease of life.

I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but my reflections are the fruits of my observation of our history. The annals of our history remind us that invaders despite their monstrosity could not break our spirits. When they could not change us, they relented, and adopted our cultural values. Those who had come to wipe us out, were themselves wiped out.

We can read the thought processes of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian alike. We can very easily peep into their dreams and have an idea of the fair or unfair thoughts which are lurking within them. But we do not feel any sadness for the grim social spectacle, because man is responsible for this. Every 'situation' is the product of man's dreams. And his dreams are centred around his own aspirations which later on are realized in the form of a particular situation. Most important is the 'hope' which sustains his efforts. The law of 'Nature' governs man's actions. All the event take place as per the design of 'Nature'. Man has to accept the dictates of 'Nature'. Man has nothing of his own, because, he is a part of 'Nature'. He has. been shaped by nature as a 'Bhokta' or the enjoyer. And when ever 'Nature' wants to take away his life, he cannot fight back because every thing happens without any fore-warning. In the face of Nature's inscrutable forces, all the religious feuds, discontent and petty bickerings become useless.

When 'Nature' unleashes its wrath in the form of floods, ravaging earthquakes, no religion be it Christianity, Islam or Hinduism, can help. All men, and women whether they are Hindus or Muslims, alike become the victims of Nature's fury. Helplessness of man becomes pronounced in such natural disasters.

Since we can peep into the 'future' we know when and why 'nature' will appear in it's retributive form. Therefore, once again I appeal to mankind to maintain it's intrinsic humanity. In the past, if man had listened to the warnings of saints and yogis, he would'nt have become a prey to the natural calamities. Man is responsible for provoking nature's fury. His in-human actions give birth to a certain pattern of events which culminates in the form of natural calamities. In future, the natural calamities will happen if man will still not change his thinking pattern and thereby change the direction of events.

All the events which are taking place in today's world are negative in spirit and form. 'Positive' and creative actions happen only by change. By and large, the general scenario is infused with negative attitudes. The literature of the world, and journalism only deal with destructive and explosive topics. Literature has always played a vital role in the destruction or a construction of a nation. Presently, India is going through a period of literary indifference. Writers are not interested in originality. On the contrary they are ready to sell their literary talents to the highest bidder. With the result a literary void has cropped up. The future of a nation, whose writers, intellectual are indifferent towards theirs duties, is hazy.


We have to think first of our nation, and then about ourselves. In the name of religion, no concessions should be given to any section of society. All the concessions should be considered for the benefit of our nation. Law is concieved to protect the country and all it's citizens. And if vasectomy is good for the nation it is imperative that all the communities irrespective of their religion should accept it.

"Who ever is born, has to die one day, this is the law of 'Nature'. If the nation wants to control its population, then it should see that all the sections of the society follow it as a rule. Not only the increase in the population of a section of society is hazardous to the nation, but also the increase in the entire population. If a particular community objects to this proposal, then one can easily understand the underlying anti - national feelings. The other communities, as a result, too don't want to give in to such laws. Such resistance only lay stress on one point, that, laws which can separate nation should never be formed. Vasectomy is man's brain wave, it has nothing to do with religion. Though, this defies the law of nature, yet it has been designed by man. Selfishness of man is the chief cause of such laws, because the welfare of the nation and his bretheren, is secondary to him.

Will he achieve his objective by violating Nature's law? Can one prevent the birth of sanskaric Jivas? Jeeva is in the bondage of karmas. And karmas create the sanskaras, 'country' and Kaal (time) play a vital role in the formation of 'Sanskaras'.

The 'Sanskaras' of Indians will reflect the culture of their country 'Jeeva' will carry the 'sanskaras' of 'Bharat' and will imbibe the cultural values of that time. These values are present in the form of sanskaras.

There are multiple types of 'Jeevas' (life form) Man, is 'predominantly' a 'doer' (Karta) as well as an enjoyer (Bhogta). A man, who is endowed with superior sanskaras and has spiritual and intellectual achievement to his credit, attains the plane of Devas. The 'Yaksh' Kinnars, and Gandharvas belong to this category. These 'etherial' beings have a powerful will. By the sheer force of their 'will' whatever they desire they achieve. But their life span in this yoni is also limited, whatever time period is alotted to them in the seed of their sanskaras, they cannot go beyond that. On completing the tenure, they return to earth and seek re-incanation in the particular human yonis which resemble the sanskaras of their previous birth. The kinship with jeevas from its previous birth lures it to return to them.

The lower types of life forms are also Bhoktas or enjoyers of their respective karmas. Birds, animals, insects and flies come within this category. These Bhoktas lack the power of expression, they only indulge in pleasures. After living in this yoni for a certain duration, they free themselves from cycle of lower nature and seek re-incarnation in human yonis as per their sanskaras. Therefore, it is simply impossible to prevent the births of 'life form' or Jeevas'.

The 'life' and 'death' of man maintains the balance of 'Karmas'. When a human being dies, he is born soon after his death. Some premature deaths result in the wanderings of 'Jeevas' in astral forms. These astral forms wander in those places with which they are associated in their former births.Ghost, or pretama is the commonly used name for such wandering 'Jeevas'. Even the ghosts do not remain in this form forever. Infact after going through the alotted existence in the astral form, they also are born in the human form. The association and a help of a great soul helps in their rebirth. This is the law of 'Nature'. Any attempt on the part of man to disturb Nature's equilibrium will only bring in his own doom

In an abortion, a 'Jeeva' is killed even before its 'birth'. Do you think it will ever forgive you? One day even you will die and similar fate will befall you. In order to restore order in a nation which is grapping with social evils like partisan politics and castism, we wish to inspire people to create a new world by breaking the chains of man made, stifling social laws.

A new dawn heralding a new life is breaking on the horizon, and that day is not very far when the cool breeze of the new order will soothe our minds and hearts. The positive thought vibrations of the great saints of the 'Himalayas' will influence the thought pattern of 'Man'. And, man as a result, will experience a change in his attitude to life. Slowly but surely, this change will become apparent in man's disinterest in his past recklessness. His past indiscretions will plunge him in deep despair, and inorder to soothe his, anguished soul, he will yearn for spiritual balm. One should only wait for some time, because after creation the 'Sankalp' proceed towards destruction. In the wide spread destruction the seeds of creation will sprout. It will be either a combination of ( - ) minus, Plus ( + ) or ( + ) and ( - ). Then only resultant + (plus) will be obtained. The reaction of both the equation will start acting and man will begin to fight with another man. Nature too will take retribution. This kind of situation is about to take shape. Minus has increased the gravitational force, and plus is in the 'waiting position'. Many nations with bated breath are waiting for the inevitable disaster. All the signs of destruction are apparent in the world. If 'minus' and 'plus' will form the equation then the result will be (0) zero. Such a combination will cause the anhiliation of the entire universe. No life will remain on the face of the earth. The universe devoid of life, but well equipped with material wealth, will laugh at its mighty tragedy.

If plus becomes more powerful then minus despite its readiness will not be able to form the fatal equation. Though this will also be injurious to mankind, but the total extinction will not happen. Something will remain. The equation of minus ( - ) and ( + ) = 0, this result itself indicates disaster. But when ( + ) and ( - ) come together the result is ( - ) The former equation stand for total destruction, whereas the latter stands for some 'remains'. Both the reactions will give birth to the 'third' reaction. Inspite of the 'third' the universe will have to suffer such negative onslaughts for coming sixteen years.

Nuclear weapons are a great threat to this world. Man, in the name of scientific achievements, is on the verge of causing grave harm to mankind. Bigger nations are abetting these evil incliniations. The zero result of ( minus) ( - ) and plus ( + ) can help the plus to multiply. But such possibilities are very scarce. The Rishis are transmitting their thought vibrations to the space and cleansing the pollution. A change has started taking place in the thoughts of the intellectuals of the world. If this would'nt have been there, the universe by now would have become the victim of minus ( - ) and 'plus', still the clouds of danger are hovering over the world because minus cannot escape from the gravitational pull of plus. Floods will cause havoc, but total annhilation will not happen. We are continously engaged in warding off the ultimate disaster.

When rivers emerge from the Himalayas they contain the minus characteristic. But when they mingle with big rivers they play the role of plus. During rainy season if the equation comes up, it leads to floods of ominious nature. Such a condition is a rare occurrence, but, whenever it happens it releases it's intense fury. The mingling of small rivers and rivulets finally convert into big rivers like Ganga and Yamuna.. And the union of all the rivers or the extensive form of plus and plus is called the ocean. Clouds are the result of the collison or Sanghhat of solar energy and the ocean. And, the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas are the drop from the clouds. All activities in nature follow a certain fixed pattern. Similarly, the events which centre round man and universe will occur as per Nature's design. There - after, the 'progress', will carry the torch of new era. This 'New light' in due course will function as man's "consciousness".

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