I Was going via 'Baljuriya Peak' in the foggy night when this wondrous phenomenon occurred. Since I was dressed only a 'Kopin; the chilly winds made me shudder from time to time. A ray of light pierced the blanket of fog, and gradually a figure of a tall lanky man in yellow robes became discernible. For sometimes he floated in the air, and then began to descend on the icy ground of Baljuria Peak. After landing on the ground, he began to walk towards me and within no time he was sitting next to me. His arrival startled me because everything happened in such rapid succession. I paid my respects to the celestial being and looked at him inquiringly. When he remained unresponsive, I decided to lie on the icy bed and watch the glittering stars and planets. After a brief lull, the Mahatama said, "Aren't you surprised at my arrival? And why is this sudden interest in the skies?" In a calm voice I replied, Sir : you have come at your own will, and will leave also at your own will. Initially, I had many question to ask, but your apparent disinterest discouraged me. So there was no option for me but to ask the skies of your where abouts. I was not surprised because many Mahatamas, often travel via the air route. Their movement are controlled by their will power. And all their power, beget from their 'sanskaras'. Since I cannot have similar 'sanskaras', I should not unnecessarily show interest in such super human feats".

Moreover, it is not a matter of surprise to me, because almost every day I see many Siddhas, Gandharvas, Gods and Goddesses flying in the sky. But since you are a divine 'Purush' I look upon you with great reverence. I know that your karmas cannot give me any help, I have to enjoy the fruits of my own karmas. My accidental meeting with you is the result of my sanskaras. And, I am sure you also agree with me on this point. At this the great man smiled and gently drew me closer. When I was close to him his quiet, unassuming face seemed quite familiar, but I could not recollect as to where and when I had seen him.

The Mahatama broke his reserve and said, "I am Kripa Charya. Ashwatthama must have surely spoken to you about me. Some liberated souls of Mahabharata, by god's grace, are still moving in this world, and watching it's ever changing facets. I also belong to the age of 'Mahabharata'. We are the spectators of this endless 'leela' But, most of the time we reside in the Himalayas".

We then got up from our seats and walked over to Maha-avtar Baba's cave. Once we were inside, Kripa charayaji became more vocal and threw more light on Lord Krishna and his enchanting 'Leela's'. The principal cause of Mahabharat was Lord Krishna. The decadent social system, the atrocities on humans and personal animosities had resulted into Mahabharata. The occurrence of Mahabharata was necessary to counteract the effects of the prevalent evils. It gave refuge to religion and cultural values. During those times supreme importance was attached to Religion. Today the universe is on the brink of disaster,because the seeds of war are germinating in the atmosphere" - " Kapil you are an 'advaitva' and since you belong to the contemporary age you can convey the message of the importance of religion and culture more effectively. You must tell your country men not to erase their culture and civilization. Religion fashions culture and civilization. It inculcates in human, peace and harmony, and strengthens the ties of brotherhood. Therefore, religion should always be treated with seriousness Despite these warnings, if people continue to ignore the importance of Religion, the day is not very far when religion itself will desert them. And without religion they will cease to have any identity. The adoption of alien culture only reflects the mental slavery of the people. Since, Indians are still mentally enslaved, their personality and their thoughts, are brutally thwarted.

The practise of personality cult is extremely injurious to the freedom of a nation. Therefore, men should openly condemn this practise and save the nations down fall.

When India was a slave it had a religion, had a culture of its own But sadly enough, though India is independent, yet it has no culture of it's own. A nation which is spiritually, culturally, starving can not give message of peace to other nations.

Along with Kripacharyaji, I also began to ponder the cultural poverty of our nation. The fusion of our thought vibrations resulted in the formation of the sequence of events to come. We could easily discern the predictable pattern of events in the air. In an enraptured silence we saw the emergence of the outline of future events. The union of past, and present, had given birth to 'future'. At that moment we could also decipher other thought vibrations which conveyed the arrival of Mahatamas like Mathuradas Baba, Sarveshvranandji and other great men. We were warmly welcomed when we reached the cave where all the Mahatamas were suppose to assemble. Shanti Ma and two other sadhvis were already seated inside, the cave. When Shanti Ma saw Kripacharyaji, she ran towards him in great joy. The union of the brother and sister was touching sight for a brief spell, they discarded the garb of the renunciant, and revelled in the memories of the past, which their filial bond had evoked. The emotional tide receded, and they returned to the spiritual world.

The moment we took our seats, the thought vibrattions of other Mahatamas began to arrive in a flood, very soon, the entire cave was filled with Mahatamas. Some of them were in their gross forms, and rest of them were engaged in the creation of causal bodies from the subtle bodies. 'In-habitants' of the 'space' and 'water', had also come to attend the massive spiritual conference.

The arrival of exalted souls like-Buddha, Mahaveer, Christ, Vyas, Shankaracharya, Shirdi's Sai Baba and many more, made the Himalayas to pulsate with joy. And this 'joy' was even evident in 'Nature'. Baba Gorakhnath, Bhairavnath, Yogini Maya and Aghoreshwar Bhairavnath-were the last to arrive-Nature's joyous mood heralded the arrival of these lofty souls. the song of the bird,the music in the cascading water falls,the scent in the air, and the flight of the bird revealed the joy of 'nature'.

It was an unusual gathering of souls who had transcended personal social and worldly limitations. These Mahatamas were so spiritually advanced that only their thought vibrations were enough for the redemption of mankind. They could create merely by their Sankalp shakti. 'Words' and 'motion' were in the vibrations. Each and every vibration could be decoded as a word. And every idea gave birth to a corresponding motion.

All the Mahatamas expressed their thoughts freely. Though they belonged to different orders, the crux of all the speeches was the same. The invitees thanked Kripacharyajee for arranging the conference in a well planned manner.

The invitees expressed unanimous opinion on 'Amar yogi Goraknathji' and paid glowing tributes to him. Buddha and Mahaveer treated him with great respect I was simply over awed by the galaxy of the super humans. They were the symbols of the unimaginable potential which is hidden in every human being. Over come with reverence, I rose from seat and touched the feet of Hari Baba, Gorakhnathji, and Avatar Baba.

Gorakhnathji peeped into my eyes, smiled, and said," I hope, no formation of a lake has yet taken place. Waters should not become stagnant and allow lotuses to bloom. Let the water of the water fall flow freely. Do not ever stop the flow. Stagnation produces pollution.

Pollution of the world is the result of it's stagnation. Pollution is gradually choking the world. Crores of litres of 'Serin' is being unleashed in the horizon. And a single drop of serin is extremely fatal to the very existence of mankind. Do not allow the waters of eyes to stagnate, keep moving, and keep watching. In the bountiful lap, the creative activity will occur naturally".

Then Gorakhnathji Baba turned around and addressed the congregation thus, "Let the events run their inevitable course. These events are destined to happen. And the events which are not destined to happen should not be allowed to happen. The pattern of possible events has already taken place, Whatever is left, is in the stage of germination. Today, 'man' has reached the stage where his destruction is inevitable we should not interfere in his destiny. If he has to die, let him die. If he will live, he will surely arrange measures for the death of future generations.

We should invoke the past, so that a beautiful future can be created. The resonance of our 'Alakh' should rejuvenate the decaying social and religious values. The light of spiritualism should usher in a healthy future-and this should be our chief objective". We will create the future unitedly. As far as present is concerned, let it unfold itself as per its design. We should only intervene when ever untoward events emerge. The practical usage of modern scientific weapons can not be as effective as they are expected to be. We can weaken the effectiveness of these lethal arms".

After finishing his discourse, Guru Gorakhnathji turned his attention to the open sky. Rays of different colours fell on his upturned face. The sweet scent of his body made the atmosphere fragrant 'Beauty' had exhausted all its resources in carving Gorakhnathjee's face. It presented the image of childhood innocence coupled with the beauty of tender youth. Totally una ware of his unforgetable good looks, he was committed to the betterment of mankind. He was neither too tall nor too short, but of an ideal height. His locks were unruly and small drops of snow glimmerd on his face. A divine glow emanated from his beauteous visage. Absorbed in deep thoughts the yogi stood in this posture for some times and then in a soft motion stretched himself on the slap of ice. It seemed as though all the movements had come to a stand still. In the silence, the heart beat of the Himalayas became audible.

Surya, and Shanti served the food. Everyone ate in silence. After the meals the invitees left for their respective abodes. Within minutes the weather also changed dramatically-snow fall occurred. Himalayas moaned the departure of the great souls, and its tears in the form of snow drops covered the deserted region.

Baba Gorakhnath, Kripacharya, Avtar Baba, Hari Baba, Shanti Ma, Surya and Yashodama, accompanied me to my Pindari cave. We stayed for a little while in the cave, then left for Khati village where I had organized a 'Shiva Shakti' 'Maha Yagna'. They participated in the yagna. When the 'Yagna' was over, my esteemed guests left.

At a distance of two and a half km from Khati village, there is a cave which had often attracted my attention. This cave is located in front of the famous Pindari river. In the midst of the cave is a huge rock, which serves the purpose of a resting place. While resting on this rock I had often spotted two Mahatamas loitering in front of the cave. I had never made enquiries about them, and they too remained disinterested in me.

It was almost midnight, when these Mahatamas paid me a surprise visit. One was Avadhoot Baba, and the other one was Maha-avtar Baba. This was my first meeting with Maha-avtar Baba. I had seen him on many occasions, but had never spoken to him formally. His face looked quite familiar, but I could not place him immediately. I welcomed the guests, warmly. I offered some fresh honey and milk to the Mahatamas. They enjoyed the mid night snack of honey and milk, immensely. After the introductory meeting, Maha-avtar Baba became an important part of my life.

It took me long to discover the 'Maha-avtar Baba' and 'Hairya Khan' Baba were the two separate identities of Kripacharyaji, but belonged to two distinct orders. While Maha-avtar Baba was absorbed in the worship of 'Lord Krishna' the identity of 'Heriya Khan Baba' was immersed in Lord Shiva.

Both the 'yogis' were 'Bramhamaya' (lost in the Bramha). When one was 'active' the other identity slumbered on Maha-avtar Baba was active, before the emergence of 'Hariya Khan Baba'. Maha-avtar Baba went into hibernation when 'Hairiya Khan Baba' appeared on the scene. And in this way they managed to remain as two separate indentities.

All the three forms of the 'yogi' (Kripa charayaji) are popular in the Himalayan region - particularly in 'Kumaon'. The people of this area know him as 'Maha - avtar Baba' and have an abiding faith in him. In the Uttara Khand, - he is revered as the great saint Hairiya Khan Baba..

Physically, the three forms look very much alike, but, for minor difference in their general get up. Hairiya Khan Baba always wears loose white robes, and looks like a Bramhachari - His sweet nature, and random 'miracles' won the hearts of the local population. Maha -avtar Baba was always dressed in a Kopin. And thus roamed around the place in this scanty dress. He chose Lahiri Mahashaya as the medium to spread his message to mankind. Kripa - Charyajee was always clad in yellow. His golden head gear gave him a distinguished air. Initially, I was confused when I met them, but later on I could discern the similarity within the dissimilarity.

The great ancient sage, in an introspective mood expressed his philosophy of life. He said, I have come to this world with a single resolution - 'redemption of mankind'. Whatever I have gathered from 'man' is heart rending but not enough to make a place in my heart. I have seen a soul taking birth a thousand times and going through the tortures of 'Karma'. The aimlessness of the soul is prompted by his 'karmas', I have always tried to show the right direction to men, but very few have used my guidance. Even today, the souls belonging to 'Mahabharat' days are still wandering. It was easy to deal with one 'Dushashan' and one 'Shakuni'. But in this modern era there is no dearth of 'Dushashana' and 'Duryodhan'. Yesterday's man was committed to his promises comparatively modern man is fickle. He lacks commitment and devotion. He can change his perspective within no time. Since the Mahabharat days 'man has not changed. Only the attitudes of man have changed. The man of the 'Past' could give free reign to his thoughts and it is indeed sad to say that today's man does not enjoy the freedom of thoughts, I roam around in different guises to observe and assess 'man' in varied situations. I cannot give any help to the man of today unless I study him thoroughly".

During the course of my wanderings, I keep changing my guises. I was close to Lord Krishna. I had a strange love and hate relationship with Krishna. He was all time planning something new. I was not opposed to Krishna but I was opposed to his thoughts. The great war 'Mahabharat' was Lord Krishna's creation. 'Krishna' was the chief protagonist of this drama. Infact he had come in human incarnation to 'play' this great 'role'. He was 'Nar' (human) as well 'Narayan'. Generally it is assumed that Krishna was amorous by nature and freely indulged in pleasures. But this is a misconception, 'Krishna' enjoyed the worddly pleasures but kept away from physical pleasures. Even the birth of his child was by viture of his sankalp shakti (sankalp power). He had appeared in his mayic forms before all the woman. It is important to note that he neither abandoned his flute or his peacock's feather. Peacock's feather symbolises the celibacy. It's tears have the potential to procreate. Krishna left his gross body after completing the mission of his life - restoration of religious and moral values. There upon he became 'Krishnamaya' - (absorbed in his own glory). Primarily, because of this reason we can never forget him.

The objective of my wanderings is to guide men who are endowed with sanskaras. Once again this universe is on the brink of disaster because, machines have become more important than man. I kept the identity of Maha-avtar Baba alive till it fulfilled my requirements. Then, I conjured the identity of Hairiya Khan Baba, and toured different place. When I realized that I had become deeply involved with society, I decided to dissolve this identity also. And infront of a gathering of men, women and children. I took 'Jal Samadhi' in the over flowing waters of 'Kali Ganga'. Thus my existence as 'Hairiya Khan Baba' came to a dramatic end.

Free from the worldly attachment of the people, I returned to my cave in Dronagiri as Avtar Baba. There I entered into a deep penance. After fifty year when I emerged from my samadhi I was stunned to learn that people were treating a young sanyasi as the re-incarnation of Hairiya Khan Baba. The young man by posing as Hairiya Khan Baba is inviting his own doom. He can use my name to earn money but can not escape from the cycle of cause and effect. One day he will die the death of normal human being, but my name will remain as it was before. This fraudulant practise can not tarnish my name, and memory.

'Man' can never be an incarnation, because he is in the bondage of 'life' and death. By virtue of his 'superior' 'Karmas' He can only ascend a higher plane. Since he is Bramha's portion, he can immerse himself in 'Bramha' but can never become 'Bramha'. In order to become Bramha, one has to lose one's identity. Incarnation is Bramha's own 'leela' (illusary act) which happens according to the needs of the 'time'. He is never born. His coming chould be looked upon as his 'resurrection'.

Miracles and 'Siddhis' are performed through the medium of 'Human body'. 'Man' has the potential to create many forms with the force of his will, He can bodily travel via air, live in the water and breathe in the bowels of earth. The victory of 'Panch Bhoots' does not have any divine intervention. Miracles, should never be associated with 'God' The 'Siddhis' which can perform miracles are within man's triumph of 'Panch Bhoots' and 'Tan mantras'. 'Ishwar' is a very subtle subject and is beyond all miracles and 'Siddhis'. Therefore, a man of miracles can never become 'God'. 'Miracle' is merely a siddhi which is the quality of an extra-ordinary 'man'.

Himalayas has always been saying - I am the abode of sages and 'Parvati' who is 'Jagdamba' is my daughter. And Parmeshwar shiva is her husband. Nevertheless Himalayas have never declared himself as 'God'.

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