Guru Diksha or Mantra Diksha is the first Diksha given.  If you are ready then this will happen.
Your readiness is important.  Master is always there.  Guru Diksha is to be welcomed by you.  Master will never say.  You have to select your master.  When ever self introspection or purity happen in your life, then thought of Guru Diksha happens in your mind, then your mind wants to discover what you did in past.  It all comes through faith and determination.  Without Guru Diksha there is no salvation, no moksha, no life.

For Sankhya and Vedanta this diksha is not important.  But for a yogi, for a sadhaka this diksha is important.

Knowledge can be obtained from anywhere, but guru diksha has a scientific approach.  It has Kriya, Sadhana, Upasana.  It is a vital science.  It is a science of energy and science of sound energy.  It always comes when you are ready.  Your reception is necessary.  It you practice few years this Diksha, then other Diksha like Kriya Diksha, Sanskara Diksha, Sankalpa Diksha and Samadhi Diksha happens.  Every master or every sect have their own technique.  It is a master and disciple connection.   Two souls are going to unite for creating a beautiful mind and budhi and healthy body.  Guru Diksha gives a chance to transcendent.  After Guru Diksha one can walk on the path of Self Realisation.  After Guru Diksha one can go into Samadhi.  But it is dependent on Guru, what kind of Guru is there.  In the Diksha many material tools are used.

Any kind of Diksha has a ceremony because ceremony is related to body and mind.  It effects on the body and physical.  It is one type of self hypnosis and mental hypnosis.

We have a very special Diksha.  If you are practicing, if you are experimenting then after Guru Diksha we can take you to the piligrimage of Diksha of Sanskara, which is by removing all the past karmas.  By this Diksha all your past Samskaras can be removed.  All the Jath raginis are centralized ( knots) and all the vital energy is uprooted.  It has more hidden science.  It  really has wonderful effect on the body and mind because it is not practical and so awakening by the touch of the master can make you to bloom, can make you to enlighten.  Slowly and slowly everything opens in enlightenment in Diksha.

One must have a Guru.  One must have a Diksha for body, mind and soul.  If you happen to get Guru Diksha then more you are being blessed by the master.

Master is direct connection and communication with Supreme Self (GOD).  Diksha has your reception. You are more important because you have belief and receptive energy. A touch of master will clean you.  If you are ready then Diksha is for your life safety.  Guru Diksha is for your life security and this Diksha is your promising to open the heart.  Your heart is a doorway to God.  Through Guru Diksha your life is safe.  You are free from any accident, any attack by mantra, tantra and arms and ammunition.

The words of the guru, the sacred mantra given by Guru creates kavacha (shield).  It armours you with divine power around your body and mind.

Everything is abhisheka (consecrated) by guru.  Guru brings a new life.  It is a new birth.  Your body is not same body which you have.  Your body can become divine.  From the day of Diksha you become a great pilgrimage of yourself.

Your body is a temple.  In that temple you are living and with you God is living .  Only Diksha can get you in contact.  So Guru Diksha is first approach to start ascending from lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

Through the Anugraha, through the kripa or through the Pranic energy or through the Bija Mantra , which is given by Guru will make you to ascend to your higher self.  It is your belief, it is your practice.  Everything is input.  It is you who can go through the practice.  It is you who can rise to illuminate , explore and become light because you are already that for what you are looking for.  After few months of practicing through the order of Master, then you must go through Sanskara Diksha.




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