Family Sanyas

We are human beings. We have crossed era and era. Many lifetimes. Many ages. The age of Manu has passed. Our mind has sealed. There is so much mystery and it has memory of everything as a past, as a future commencing. We are now in the age of very advance scientific technology and man has developed so further in the spiritual world that mystery is going to open on the state of the mind. We all are the children of those ancestors who were all rishis, sages. They had never divided humanities. They say what you are, you have never become that. What you are not you have always tried to become and struggle for that. This is your life. Your life is dependent on your wishes. Your wishes are very important. You have born for a certain things. That certainty is within yourself. Go anywhere, you have to come back to your home. Some thing travel anywhere, many bodies with many mental experiences. Many way of intellectual realization, enlightenment. But you have to come back to your home. You are the traveler. You are the beginner, you are the transformer. You have the end also and you have the beginning also. Your struggling of life is because of you. You have created all these things in which you are travelling, working with problem. You have created problems. The suffering you have invited , is because you have given up something to the mind. Your mind has become ruler and you have become slave. Your freedom is stolen. So now your mind is a doer. Your mind is knower, your mind is experience. Your mind is controller and you are just beyond the mind waiting for nothing. You are human being with mind and your mind is civilization. Your mind is religion. Your mind is science. I do not want to take you beyond the mind because this is not going to give you the experiences of the life. I want to let you have yourself to be a life. Life as a play, life as a game , life as awareness. A life without meaning , a life with meaning . As long as you are the mind. You have to live in polarity. You cannot be in the centre. You cannot say I am not for anything, for anybody. As a Krishna he has to decide to work on the part of someone. Either Pandava or Kaurava. He cannot say “I am not interested with anyone”. He has to be friend of the both. And if Krishna can do like this, he chooses life as a play. He chooses life as war and peace. Though he loves peace, though he loved Pandavas but he cannot say to Kaurvas I am not friend of yours. So he has to give all his soldiers to Karuvas and himself to Pandavas. So that you have to give your life to the world and for yourself. You are both. You can do your best for the world and worldly things and you can drop everything for yourself. That is why I am going to give you the Family Sanyasa. If you make your life as a play. When you are walking on a street , walking is no stress, no tension, no destination, just it is a walk like play of life without meaning. But on the same route if you are walking for the work, you will walk with tension, thoughts, heaviness. The street becomes very long and in the earlier walk it seemed very short. So is your life, your time. You have to be both. You have to be loving to your children, to your wife, to your loving ones and you have to be great loving to yourself.

This is Family Sanyasa . This sanyasa has descended from the old living spiritual culture of India . It is very old living spiritual culture of India. It is from those times , who has created Vedanta, Upanishad, Purana and all epics of ancient times. The great gift has come from this family Sanyasa, who were known as Maharishi Vyasa, Bhardwaj, Atri, Anusuya, Pulatsya, Gautam, Karad, Vashishtha, Bhrigu Rishi etc. Thousands of sages of epic times of India. Then why not today. Why too much restrictions, why too much abandonment, why too much reasoning. You can steal the truth but you cannot steal the freedom because your mind is so civilized, so intellectual which can restrict the sanyas not to have family on the name of celibacy. Which is not possible. You can be a great sanyasi. You can be great tapasvi, because it happen with the mind. Your mind can be divine mind. Your mind can be evil mind. So is your tapasya, which can have purpose of evil and can have a purpose of divinity also.

There are always Ravana, Kansa, Meghnath and their families and there are always Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Mohammed. It is Polarity of life. Your mind can be great Sanyasi. Your mind can be great family members. So I am going to bring this Scientific approach to the life living in the world with family Sanyasa. Without any restriction, it is total freedom, liberation. Who ever are interested, you are most welcome to live a life of Atri, Anusuya, like Vashistha, like Bhardwaj, who have given like a greatest spiritual powerful people to the world. Now this world needs to go to the family Sanyasa. Living with awareness. Living with great understanding. To create new beautiful world. To bring those great souls who are waiting to come in this world. They cannot come because you have created this world with the polluted environment, with the polluted thoughts and mind, which does not give a great opportunity to bring those souls into this world to live with great moral warrior, so we are starting this from this Kumbh Mela. Doors are open to go for the Family Sanyasa. How to live with the loving one , to become great loving to your self enlightenment, self realization. How to live with the conscious awareness . How to come out from the sub-conscious, unconscious, and the conscious of self. Do not forget that it is your family and you are not yours. You are you and you have the body, you have the mind, you have the asmita, and you have the consciousness. You are not all these things. Your body is marrying, your mind is marrying . You have never married and you cannot marry because you are not a person, you are not personality. You are not belonging, the meaning of atman of human being is , it is total freedom. So I bring this all to you.

We will have family Sanyas ceremony from second week of February 2010, whole march until 20th of April in the Kumbh Mela Camp. Let us enjoy the time which has given opportunity to become that what you are.

Best of wishes
With love and peace

Mahayogi Pilot Baba.




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