Guru Purnima – a day dedicated to the Divine energy in the form of your Master – the Guru, who comes in your life to eradicate what is unwanted, undesirable. His radiance, his guidance paves way for something which is new and full of divinity. The Guru himself merges with all and the celebration begins.

Year 2017 brings forth this divine day on 9th of July,2017. We at Mahayogi Pilot Baba ashram would like to invite all the disciples to be part of this sacred moment.

The details for the same are as under :-
1. Yagya - 6th July,2017 to 8th July,2017

2. Guru Purnima - 9/07/2017

3. Sanskar Diskha - 07/07/2017
4 Sankalp Diksha - 07/07/2017

5 .Venue - Yogmata Foundation
Mahayogi Pilot Baba Ashram
Daksh Road, Jagjeetpur - Hardwar -

Besides above, some cultural programmes will also be conducted every evening. It is requested to be part of this Divine event and be blessed. Please try and inform about your arrival before hand , it will help us to help you better.

Please understand it is a day of divine energies floating in abundance, so we sincerely hope you will join in with an open heart and not be too worried about the comforts.
Incase of any queries or information, you may get in touch with our Delhi Ashram at the following Number :

1. Mr. Jyoti Prakash Sharma – 09891091910

You may also get in touch with us at the following email id :-

2. ( for foreign nationals)
3. ( for foreign nationals)

May the grace of our revered Gurudeva be ever there with everyone.


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