“ Diksha” or initiation by a Master to the Disciple for a cause , is generally what is understood by masses.  Many modern saints initiate their disciples through different disciplines for their upliftment.

But how many of us understand “what is Diksha ?”.  And what is important about Pilot Baba’s Diksha ?
Pilot Baba is a person of integrity of the self, integrity of the country and integrity of the world peace.  Without saying anything he is spreading Himalayan Siddha Yoga for peace, love and integrity with Universal oneness, which can bring oneness love to everyone.  DikshaIt can develop the energy of every being like Krishna, anywhere in the world because Krishna is special.. Krishna is consciousness in universal truth and Universal living being.  Krishna Consciousness is truth of dancing, truth of playing , a truth of self revolution, which takes you to the infinite energy, to infiniteness. Krishna Consciousness is Supreme God, so this has everybody.  Everybody is Krishna within and not outside.  Through the Diksha everyone can be developed like Krishna.

Diksha can be awakened.  Diksha is personality changing science.  It is a great science which has the power to transfer and transcendent your energy.  Diksha unfolds the mystery of Universe.  Mystery of Divineness.  Mystery of Siddhas.  Diksha is an act which activates the source of energy within every human being.  Diksha can awaken you.  It can open your mind and Chidda.  Can purify your past Samskaras and uplift yourself.

Diksha can re-juvenate your body and mind through anugraha.  Anugraha is energy floating from God and Kripa is energy floating from Master.  Both these energies are vital forces for upliftment of self.

Diksha has many great process.  Through the Diksha you can reach to the origin of Universe.  Universe is Universal soul and you have your soul.   Your soul has descended from Universal Soul which we say “Virata”. The “Virata” is supreme consciousness of God, which all appears in your enlightenment, realization and Samadhi.  The power of “Anugraha” is also showering from Supreme God which comes through the master.

In Diksha your body is very important.  Your body is a body of soul. It has all dimensions.  All dimensions have direct contact with Universal dimension.  Your body has senses which has contact with the mind.  Mind is a descending energy of Asmita, your “iness”.  Asmita is ascending from the soul consciousness.

Your body has Prana energy, known as vital energy, has direct contact with life and death.  Life and death is a circle of circumstances.  Life is all God and we are on the pilgrimage of life and death.  In Diksha your body is a bridge.  Through the body Master gets contact with the innermost.

You have everything inside your body. What ever you need.  All the elements which contain are within your body to shape up your body.  The world of elements can be opened and purified by diksha.  All the prana energy circling in your body which have a station in your body, known as chakra.  Diksha can take
you beyond body and mind, senses, sensuality and mind.  Through the Diksha your body can be changed.   All physical elements can be dissolved into Astral.  So a master can change transfer of your body.

Diksha is a very great Science and not only power but Divine power.  Diksha can make you live your life without suffering.  It can uplift your life and make you live the way you want.

Diksha can be initiated through your body, through your prana ( vital energy) and Diksha can penetrate through your relation, friends and family. But most beautiful way of going through Diksha is going through the Master because Master is security.

Diksha can have change in you.  Can have transfer in you.  It can transfer your one body to another.  It can give you change.  Diksha is a chronological process.  It takes care of body, takes care of mind and takes you beyond body and mind.

Diksha is energy which is coming from heart and soul.  There is no person.  It is their heart, love compassion.  It is heart of their life.  No give, no take.

In Diksha if you have a good Master, then your life can be transformed .  Diksha can take you beyond body and mind.  In the Diksha you receive the power of your master. What is important is your readiness. Don’t prepare yourself.  Let Diksha happen to you.  If it let happen to you only then it is powerful.

So make sure, are you giving importance to your preparation or letting it happen.  In Diksha every activity of your mind chakra, every system of your mind can change to go beyond that.

In the current world Diksha has become very cheap.  Better to seek for your master yourself.  If you seek for the Master its results will be different.

Pilot Baba is a name of a yogi of Himalayas.  For last forty years he has given, dedicated his life in search of truth.  He is very much known for Yoga and Samadhi all over the world.  Many great masters of the world visit him and many great Himalayan masters also visit him.  He knows the great science of Diksha to reach to you .  He has taken 100 times Samadhi and performed Yagnas more than 100 times for integrity and world peace.

So if you are interested to reach to the master you have to look into yourself.  Just you have to look into yourself.  The purification must come into your body and mind.  It may delay but it will enable it to reach there.

You are caught up in the world.  Your world is money.  You have to be careful.  You have to watch out.
Baba is coming to you all , with this beautiful science of Diksha ( Initiation ).  Once initiated by him you will never make a mistake, live a life of fear.  Fear of accident or losing something important in life.  Fear of death.

Diksha is such a wonderful science which is given to you for your enlightenment, success or what ever you choose to do in life.  It directs you towards progress of your “SELF”.


Different kinds of Diksha’s have been mentioned in our scriptures.  Few of which Pilot Baba gives in his own scientific way.

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